Enforcer Lieutenant Kristen Lynee Sharpe

Callsign: Daze (this is her Enforcer callsign - rarely used outside of the Enforcers as it's  not a nickname she's incredibly fond of)

Age: 23 in most appearances.  There is an older Kris who will appear toward the finale of my fanfic series.

Description: A short she-kat with pale orange fur and green eyes.  The top of her head  is covered by a frenzy of wild red hair that's rarely in any sort of order.  Her most  defining feature is probably the two "wings" of hair that fly out to either side of her face, allowing her to see out of the tangle.

Personality: Sweet and friendly by nature, Kris just wants to help.  She can be fairly inept, but she tries.  However, she does tend to space out at times, her head frequently in the clouds.  This is the trait that earned her the callsign she still can't get rid of.  However, as ditzy as Kris comes across in person, she carefully hides a more serious side usually seen only in her writing.  The best example of this is her author's notes that start and end each fanfic in the Seeker Trilogy (well, there will be three when I'm finished).

Occupation: Enforcer.  Serves as a "wizzo" or WSO - weapons systems officer - in the Enforcer air division.  Is ultimately assinged as Felina Feral's partner in fanfiction. Her fate in both RPGs in which she has appeared was a bit weirder.

AOL RPG History:  Kris grew up in a perfectly normal family and her early history is hardly worth mentioning.   She graduated from high school and entered the Enforcers, taking college classes at night.  Just exactly how she earned a position in the Enforcers' air division and the rank of lieutenant is largely a mystery - even to herself.  Likely, it involves a clerical error and her near-perfect aim.(The former covering up that the latter is entirely conditional on her mental state.)  She was Felina Feral's wizzo for a while before being reassigned to another Enforcer division in the state.  She returned to MegaKat City to find her job in a bizarre position.  She had no official assignment and was alternately assigned with the regular helicopter patrols and various and sundry beat cops. The chances she would ever be reassigned to the jets were doubtful.  Neither she nor the commanding officers really wished to encounter each other again.  Her spaciness irritates the higher ranks and they, in turn, scare Kris out of her wits.

Rogue Squadron Kris:

Name: Kristen Lynee Sharpe

Code Name/Alias: Sabre.  Note: she was never a SWAT Kat.  She worked only occassionally as a freelance vigilante when she seemed needed and/or whenever a badguy had just crashed through her window... These things happen in MegaKat City.

Age: 38.

Description:  Same as above.  Albeit, this Kris sports a series of faint tiger stripes on each arm that are just barely visible.

Personality: Shy and friendly.  Like AOL Kris, she's a clutz..  Her head has frequented the clouds since grade school and the trait persists.  Kris alternates between the soul of shyness and a motor-mouth - it just depends on how much caffeine she's had (she prefers it in the form of Dr. Pepper, for the records).  This is a bit more serious version Kris.  She's had to face a few more disasters than her AOL counterpart and has watched friends and old acquaintances face trying times for years.

Vehicles/Weapons:  Over twenty years old it may be, but Kristen clings to her much beloved Pontiac.  The only other vehicle she will even attempt driving is an invention of Seeker's termed a "scooter."  Essentially it's an all-terrain motorcycle/four-wheeler combination small enough to make weaving through heavy traffic easy.

Kristen is often accompanied by one of Seeker's drones - diminutive flying saucer-like robots that contain an articially intelligent "brain" and a host of gadgets.  Kris's "personal" drone - named simply by his number, Number Six - was the first programmed with a personality.  Six is both overly protective and vaguely obnoxious at times (Okay, RJ would contend that he's incredibly obnoxious.).  Weapon?  Vehicle?  This little irritant is both.  He has a variety of built-in stun weapons and it's not uncommon for him to use his extendable grasping arms to haul Kris to "safety"... even if that means carting her three miles away.

The only weapon Kris frequently carries is a medieval broadsword that appeared shortly after her kat form.  Otherwise, she has occassionally used a SWAT Kat glovatrix and does own one that she will grudgingly use. Any other form of firearm she wouldn't touch.

Occupation:  Since coming to MegaKat City Kris found a dream job as an artist for a rather large comic book company whose most popular series is "SWAT Kats".

History:  Kris was among a group of humans abruptly flung into the SWAT Kats' dimension and transformed into kats.  She's adjusted to the kat world for the most part.  After living for over a month in the bus she and the others arrived in, she and her brother, Seeker, moved into a nice apartment funded by Seeker's unfathomable bank accounts that seem to have appeared with his kat identity.  Kris found her dream job with the comic book company and has more or less settled in to the kat world.

Despite the somewhat abnormal abilities she gained in coming to the kat world and her participation in more than one fiasco, Kris is no true SWAT Kat.  For years, she had a  flight suit she never returned to Razor and still would never decline to help when needed.  Still, she was just an ordinary college student.  Becoming a superhero wasn't exactly on her agenda.  But, though she'll never admit it, Kris is dying to join the action.  It's a fantasy come true for her to be in this unbelievable world and she doesn't want to pass up possibly her only chance to join the fight of good versus evil.  If she just weren't so scared!  Fanciful though the concepts of being a SWAT Kat might be, Kris has never kidded herself on the dangers of crimefighting.  Ultimately, she settled in to making a living, visiting her friends from home and the kat world, and constantly mother-henning her younger, albeit much larger, brother.

Seventeen years later, the current time of the RPG, Kris still draws comics and still lives in the apartment she and Seek bought.  Seeker has ventured out to travelling the world, but he left Kris quite a nice sum of money, a crazily high-tech, fortified apartment, and a squad of robot drones.  Currently, she spends her time drawing, playing freelance vigilante, and trying to control a horde of adopted children.

Notes:  Currently, I play in neither of the RPGs mentioned. In fact, I haven't played Kris in years now (though I most certainly do participate in SWAT Kat role-playing - these days with the MBI/SK RPG). For all intents and purposes the AOL RPG Kris is essentially the Kris that will appear in her infrequent fanfic appearances. Rogue Squadron Kris is, and quite deliberately so as it was central to the original premise of Rogue Squadron, myself in a kat form. Due to the obvious Mary Sue-ness inherent in such a situation, she will not be making fanfic appearances unless they're fanfics based in the Rogue Squadron universe.

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