I was ordered to write this.  My roommate threatened me if I didn't.  She helped devise it, you see. The original outtakes anyways. Originally, we hit on this mad spinoff of the story where Dr. Viper somehow got drunk, got a nice group of the disenheartened refugees drunk, and led them on this merry romp that became a can-can line through the jungle.
    Then, I posed the madness to my on-line bud Sage and she helped me extend it.  I'm afraid we added a few jokes related to the RPG we were playing in at the time - SWAT Kats: The Rogue Squadron - that might be a bit hard to understand.  However, I trusted that the general humor of the whole scenario would be universal.  Apparently, it was.  A number of people were amused enough to send in additional contributions.  The madness now includes more crossovers, cameos, fan characters, and rampant wackiness than you can shake a really big stick at, but it was soooo much fun to make. Now, without further ado... from the minds of myself, Beth, Sage, and various other contributors........

Note: This appears in full fanfic format at the opening and then quickly degenerates into RPG-style writing.

 "Noboooody knooooows the trouble I've seen," Viper wailed off-key.  "Noooobody knows my sorrooooow!"

   Felina just gaped.

   "What did you do to him?!" she demanded, snatching up his nearest guard, Collins, by the collar.

   "Well,...," the petrified young tom stammered.  "He wouldn't stop screaming!  He was threatening us with the most horrible...!"

   Felina cut him off.

   "And, you did *what*?!" she shrieked.

   "We didn't have anything else to drug him with!" the teenkat yelped.  "So...  we gave him part of the booze...."

   Felina let Collins fall from her grasp.

   "You got him drunk?!" she moaned.

   "Y... yes, Ma'am...  H... he can't s... sing, but it *is* better now...."

   Felina just rolled her eyes and eyed up the two young guards.

   "Alright, he's roaring drunk...  *Pray* he doesn't get stronger when he's drunk," she hissed.  "Or you two just might have a problem, mightn't you?"

   The two visibly paled beneath their fur.

   "Ma'am...," Collins started, "P... please don't leave us here with him!"  He was clearly terrified.

   "You have laser rifles, don't you?" Felina growled.  At their nod, she continued.  "Use them!"  With that, she was gone, storming away along the narrow trail.

Unfortunately, Collins and his companion proved to be even more inept than even Felina imagined... and Viper escaped..  only to intoxicate several other kats and begin a... can-can line?  With an irate Felina right on its heels!

Meanwhile, T-Bone and Razor settled into camp....

Poor Razor, however, had the misfortune to meet Professor Hackle's newest assistant robot, an elliptical hover drone designated "Number Six"... who had an attitude problem....

Razor  Gimme my screwdriver!

Six  ::flying away with the tool in question::  I thought he *wasn't* crazy anymore?!


T-Bone had better luck...

T-Bone  ::manages to go off alone with Callie.....::


Felina just had a headache.....

Felina ::storming thru the jungle::  I'll *kill* them....

Viper  ::leads the line merrily along the  worst bogs::

Hours later....

Felina  ::covered in mud::  I'm *really* gonna kill them....  ::still pursuing::

T-Bone ::while looking into Callie's eyes::  So anything weird been goin' on?

 ::cancan line and Viper with Felina chasing go by::

Callie ::after looking at the madness, turns  to T-Bone:: Um...not lately...

T-Bone  Okay....

Back at the camp....

Feral  ::to Razor who has finally retrieved  his screwdriver::  You wouldn't believe the madness  people suddenly bereft of TV can start!  Just  last week.....

Razor I wouldn't doubt it for...HEY!!  ::turns to the "Six" bot:: Get back here!

Six ::runs off with the entire tool box::

Razor  ::pursues::

Feral  My point entirely...  ::pauses:: Where's Callie?  ::looks around::  ::suddenly  white-faced::  She's not here!  Who'll look after Manx?  Where *is* Manx?!


Callie ::is still talking to T-Bone::


Manx ::has decided to take up golf by using  a large screw as a tee, a nut as a ball, and  an old small robot's arm as a golf club::  Four!!!  ::whaps the ball one::

Ball  ::ricochets off trees throughout the swamp, hits Six, who drops the toolbox ON Razor, and ricochets off to clunk Feral in the  head::

Bored Kat Now, *that's* entertainment....

Razor Ouch!!!

Feral Hey!

Bored Kat Encore! ::lights a match and waves it ::

Felina ::thwaps him:: Don' waste the supplies!

Bored Kat  Can I drink then?

Felina  No... Viper got it all....

Bored Kat  You gave *him* all the booze?!

Felina  ::growls and stomps back into the  jungle::

Razor ::grabs a hatchet, starts to chase Six::

Six ::flees::

RJ Tremor, resident wolf of Rogue Squadron and mortal enemy of Six  Hey! That's MY line!

Feral Yer not in this script!

RJ Does a cameo count?  I'm here now.  ::makes himself at home by  the fire::  This is all nice and cozy, campfire-ish.....


T-Bone  ::is staring into Callie's eyes::

Nina, Rogue Squadron girlfriend of my Max Furlong  ::making her own cameo, pops in::  Ah...  I see where Max gets it now....  ::she and Max having never made it past staring into each others' eyes to the kissing part::


Razor ::swings the hatchet, still chasing:

Six ::disguises himself and joins the cancan line::

Felina ::still chasing the line::


T-Bone  Who?!  Where?!

Nina  Don' worry about it...  Author says your kid in this is Jason anyways...   ::leaves::

T-Bone  ::looks at Callie hopelessly::  Wha'?!

Callie ::gives him the "I HAVE NOOOO IDEA!!"  look::

Jason Korat, Rogue Squadron brother to Sage's Trina ::looks at Nina:: Why'd you tell 'im that?!

Max, Rogue Squadron version of my character Max, say he's cute or suffer! Why did you tell who that?

Nina No!  Another Jason!  ::stomps off-screen to return with a lil' yellow-furred  kitt::  See?  Jason!  ::reads the author's cue card::  This is your...  brother from an  alternate universe, Max....

Max Oh....  Uhm.....

Jason You coulda said somethin' earlier!  ::pauses to see Razor and Felina runnin' after a cancan line with Razor swinging a hatchet::

Max ::is still oblivious of what's happening::  Er... yes... Well, put him back and....uhm... see, I was thinking...  It's a pretty night...

T-Bone  ::is ignoring them all now::

Jason ::is about to make another comment when the cancan line goes by again::

Nina ::speechless as she sees the madness::

Max  Uhm... Odd...  ::takes Jason from Nina  and hands him to....  Jason::  Here.

Felina  ::comes storming thru with a blowgun::

Jason ::blinks, looks at...Jason:: Cute...

Max ::blinks to see the gun:: Um...Aunt Lina? ((Dunno if he'd call her aunt...but...um...lost my train of thought))

Lil Jason  ::blinks at big Jason::

Max  Uh... Wait... She's not my aunt...  In  the fanfic she's my... :gulps::  future mother in law...

Jason ::grins::

Felina Future *what* in law???

Max um...uh...::begins to sweat:: Um.....  Nevermind...  Uh... what's that for?

Felina  Tranqs...  I'm knocking them out.....


Razor The bot's MINE!! ::chases again with  the hatchet::

Six  Aiyeeeee!!!!!  That's it!  I'm goin' back ta' my old bosses! They promised a  quicker death at least!!!!

RJ Yes!!! :grabs a bazooka:: Here, SIX!  I'll make it quicker!


Razor Back off,... whoever you are!  He's  mine!!!

RJ I've gone through more torture!!

Six I feel loved...

Razor  Look... We'll split him...  ::hefts the axe::  Literally....


Manx  ::is in the "sandtrap" now - it's really quicksand, but he's yet to notice:: FOUR! ::hits the ball, slowly begins to sink:: Um...Callay?  Callay?!

Callie  ::doesn't hear Manx, is finally kissing T-Bone::


RJ  NO WAY! How will I enjoy smashin' him to bits if I don' have the honor of hearin' his  moans of pain???

Six :is already groaning::


Manx ::has sand up to his chin: Callay!!

T-Bone ::is holding her close::

Felina  Must I do EVERYTHING?!  ::hauls Manx out as she passes and continues the chase::

Manx Bless you!

Felina Yeah yeah...

Feral ::growls at Manx::

Felina ::gives him to Feral::  Watch him...  I got idiots to catch...


Viper  ::has started singing "It's a Small World After All" now::


Razor But you'll still hear him moan in pain!

RJ It's not the same!

Six Do I have a say in this?

Razor and RJ NO!

Six Meanies!!!

Razor and RJ ::give chase as he makes a break for it::

Hackle In my day we just pulled the plug and were done with it... These new-fangled batteries....

Six ::hides behind Hackle:: Tell them to spare me, DOC!!!

Hackle  Well, maybe if we reprogrammed you  just a bit.....

Six ::wails:: I don' wanna be reprogrammed!!

Hackle  Oh, it doesn't hurt...

RJ This will...  ::dives at Six::

Six AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  ::flies away!!::

RJ ::trips over Razor as he gives chase::

Razor Oof!


Felina  ::is skulking in the trees now, waiting for Viper to pass by below::

Viper ::singing:: There issssssssss jussssssst one moon and a golden sssssssssun.....

Felina Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! ::dives::   ::succeeds in nabbing Manx::

Manx Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! They'll take over my ceeeeeeeetay!

Felina  ::growls, hauls him back to camp::  Will someone put up childguards for this guy?!

Childguards ::are around 9-10 years of age:: We'll protect Grandpa Manx! ::Are holding wooden swords::

Felina I meant... Nevermind.  Here.  ::gives him over to the kids::

Childguards Yeay!! :Huuuuuuuuuug Manx::

Manx Callay!!


Callie  ::is all snuggled up to T-Bone watching the stars...  as Viper and crew go by::

Submitted by Rebecca Mason:

And, so the night passed in drunken madness... But, the madness was far from over... as a whole line-up of other characters  found their way into the apparent "Swamp Where All Things Are Possible"....

Some hours after dawn....

Felina :: is still chasing Viper and the cancan clan::

Team Rocket of Pokemon  ::walks by.in the background::

James  Ooh look, Jess - a party!

Team Rocket   ::joins the line::

Goku and Piccolo of Dragonball Z  ::go by::

Piccolo  What's that?

Goku  Dunno, but it looks kinda fun....  ::he and Piccolo join the line along with the rest of the Dragonball Z gang::

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu  ::join the can can line thinking it's a carnival::

Misty  Those costumes these people are wearing are so great - you'd think they were real cat creatures!

Brock  Yeah and it  looks as if Team Rocket are enjoying themselves too.

Ash  Do you think we'll find any Pokemon here?


T-Bone and Callie  ::look deeply into each others' eyes (still)::


Max  ::notices the Pokemon gang and smacks himself round the head::

Nina  ::looks at him::  You alright, Max?

Max:  Yeah, I think so...


RJ and Razor  ::challenge each other to see who chops up Six::

Razor  Right...   On the count of three.

RJ  Three!!

Both  Scissors, paper, stone....

Meanwhile, Felina was still in hot pursuit of that can-can line....

Felina  ::trips over a stone and knocks over Misty, Ash, and Brock::

The Trio's Pokeballs  ::fall onto the ground and open up, resulting in chaos with Bulbasaur,Squirtle and all the other Pokemon running around::

The PokeTrio  ::try to recapture their respective Pokemon::

Felina  ::high jumps over the rampaging Pokemon and their trainers::

Back in the can-can line....

Viper  ::still drunk, starts singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" out of tune::

Back at camp....

Manx   ::is still getting hugged by the child guards::


PastMaster ::appears with his watch::

Viper and the Line  ::go past him::

Meowth  ::nicks the PastMaster's watch::  Ooh, nice and shiny hee hee heeee...

PastMaster  ::notices his watch is missing, begins chasing the cancan line (which is now longer than a anaconda) yelling::  Give me back my watch!!!  I want my watch....!!!!


Submitted by Rebecca Mason:

 By midday, the MegaKat Swamp party was still in full swing

 Callie  ::looks at T-Bone:: You know, for a nasty, boggy place the swamp can be quite a nice and romantic place.

 T-Bone  ::just smiles::


 Meanwhile, the can-can line grows and Felina stops to have a quick breakfast....

 Felina  Something tells me I'll need my Weetabix!!!!!!!!!


 Then Harley, Manga, and Ragina from Rebecca's fanfics come walking into this place of incredible lunacy....

 Ragina  Hey look, guys - it looks like a party.

 Harley  ::studies the line:: Hey, isn't the leader Dr. Viper?!!

 Both She-kats  ::look and gasp:: Holy Kats - yes, it is!!!!!!!

 Manga  ::spots Ash's Pikachu in the crowd:: Ahhh, look it's a Pikachu! ::runs off to pick up the Pikachu::

 Pikachu  Pika Pika-chu?

 Manga cuddles the Pikachu::

 Ash  ::spots her:: Hey, that's my Pikachu!!!!

 Manga  Wanna make something of it?!!!!

 Both trainers  ::settle on having a Pokemon battle::


 Meanwhile, Six has managed to escape....

 Razor ::notices this fact:: AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! He's got away!!!!!!

 RJ  Well, it wasn't my fault.

 Razor  Was too!!!

 RJ  Was not!!!

 ::in the distance behind their argument, the PastMaster and Meowth race by::

 PastMaster  I WANT MY WATCH!!!!!!!!


 Back at the camp...

 Feral ::enjoys his morning snack - a doughnut and a nice hot cup of coffee::


 Max and Jason  ::are left with the baby Jason::

 Max  Man, am I bushed!!

 Jason  Yeah, I know - I didn't get any sleep either.

 ::suddenly, a nasty smell goes up their noses::

 Jason  EEE-YYECH!! What's that smell? ::looks at Max::

 Max  Hey, why are you looking at me?! I'm litter-box trained!!

 Jason  Well, who is it?.....

 Both  ::look down at baby Jason::

 Baby Jason  Doo di!!!!!!!!!

 Max  Um..... Jason, you better change his diaper.

 Jason  Huh!!!!! I'm not changing him!!!!!!

 Nina, meanwhile, is chatting with Ragina...

 Ragina  So, you fancy my nephew?

 Nina  Your Nephew?!!!

 Ragina  ::nods:: Uh-huh, cos' where I'm from Chance is my brother.

 Nina  Cool!! ::both she-kats start chatting::


 Back at camp...

 Felina  ::finished her breakfast and is preparing to return to chasing the line:: It's gonna be a looooooooonnnngggg day!!

 ::the Childguards have now got Manx reading a story too them::

 Felina  ::pauses to look at them:: You know, I guess I doubted those kittens.


 T-Bone and Callie  ::are about to kiss (again) when all of a sudden Six appears between them:: ::they end up kissing Six::

 Six  Awww, I feel so loved.

 T-Bone and Callie  ::open their eyes and see who they've just kissed:: AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

 T-Bone  ::angry as Six just spoiled a romantic moment, shouts over to Razor and RJ:: Razor, here he is!!!!!!!!

 Six  Uh-oh!!!!!!!!! ::high tails it off::

 Razor and RJ  ::are at Six's heels:: Hahhh Hahhhhhh - we've got him now!!!!!!!!!

 Six  ::skids under a gap in the Can-Can Line and is on other side:: NNyyyyaaahhh!!!!!! Try and get me now!!!!!!!!!

 Razor and RJ  ::try to find a way around::

 Razor  Right - you go that way and I'll go this way.

 RJ  Roger that!!!!!!


 Elsewhere, Manga and Ash ended up with a draw....

 Manga  Hey, you're pretty good.

 Ash  So are you.

 Manga  ::spots Max:: Oohh, it's Maxie... See ya later, Ash. ::bounds off to see Max::

Submitted by myself and Sage, but blended with Rebecca's addition for clarity:

 Ultimately, all the visitors from other worlds returned home and the swamp settled into relative peace. Well, all the visitors except Max, Nina, Manga, and little Jason... The older one snuck away quickly when no one was looking. Max, kept awake for hours by the baby, was in a blue funk of the worst kind, so Nina and Manga started their own dance to cheer him up...

 Max, Nina, and Manga  ::have created their own short cancan line::

 Viper's cancan line  ::joins the party::

 Max  ::bumps Viper aside and leads the line:: ::makes one of those high rolling "r" yells that often go with calypso/tropical numbers::

Viper in a dress... RUN!!! Viper  Hey! I wassss in charge of that line!

 Max  Was.....

 Felina  Ah ha!! ::chases after Viper::

 Viper  Ahhhh! ::runs away, diving into a clothing store:: ::emerges in women's clothing and joins the line anew::

 Felina  Now where did he....? ARGH!!!

 Viper  ::is inna long purple dress with a straw sun bonnet sporting tropical flowers and the largest, tackiest shades he could find::

 Razor  ::stops short of chasing Six and takes a sidelong glance at Viper:: WHOA!!! UUUUU-GLEEEEE!!!!

 T-Bone  ::sees and faints::

 Feral  Hate to say it... but that she-kat is ug-ly...

 Viper  Hey! I'm trying!

Submitted by KS Claw.

Sometime later that day found  Dr. Viper nursing a headache from the booze and the Pokemon crew, having gotten lost in the swamp, back at the kats' camp...
Viper Oooooh, my aching head....
::Ash and Co. are sitting by the fire with Feral, Manx, and the child-guards::
Feral ::eyes the "ugly she-kat":: Oh no, I think she just ruined my appetite.

Brock  ::eyes Viper and gets heartshaped eyes, zips over to Viper and gives him a HUGE kiss:: (A.N :YEARK!)  So, how about dating me tonight, pretty?
Viper ::replies by screaming and running off with Brock on his tail::
Brock Ah, don´t run away, beauty! I don´t bite!
Misty Here we go again.

Ash  ::shakes head and then eyes Meowth getting chased by the pastmaster::
Ash This place is weird!
Feral You said it.

Razor and RJ  ::still chasing Six::
RJ  You can run, but you can´t hide, Loveless!
Razor  I thought his name was Six.
RJ  Sorry. Line from a movie.

Viper ::still getting chased by Brock::


Some hours later, Viper is still desperately trying to get rid of Brock. Ultimately, by climbing up in a tree. (Apparently, all the running has made him sober.)


Brock But, sugar! All I want is a date!

Viper Date thisssss! ::drops a heavy branch down in Brock's face, making Brock fall down from the tree:: HA! Viper ssstrikesss again! ::looks at himself:: Now to get rid of thissss hideousss thing! ::grabs a vine and swings from tree to tree like Tarzan in order to find some proper clothes:: AAAAIYAIYAAAAAAIAIYAAAA!!!


Back at the camp...

Razor and RJ ::are still chasing Six::

RJ *pant* *pant* When will we get that...*pant* blasted machine!!??

Razor ::stops and gasps for breathe:: As soon as we´ve got a little rest... I think we´ve chased him all night! ::both drop to the ground, exhausted::

Six That´s one of the great things about being a robot. We don´t get exhausted! ::makes a whistling sound that sounds like R2D2 laughing::

Razor and RJ We aren´t *pant* done with you yet!

Six ::speeds off, still laughing::


Some other place....

::KS Claw's fanfic character, the marekat Syphon, appears, trying to find Viper::

Syphon ::looks around at his surroundings (which would be the swamp, mind you):: Hmmmm. Stylish!


Viper ::is still searching for some other clothes than that hideous dress!::


PastMaster ::finally catches up with Meowth:: AHA! Gotcha, ya pesky mortal!

Meowth Who ya callin' pesky!? ::pounces on Pastie and they start to fight::


Syphon ::is still looking for Viper::


Pastie and Meowth ::still fighting, now surrounded by a crowd, betting and cheering::





Submitted by Rebecca Mason and friend Charlotte (includes some injokes, but is generally funny)

While the Pastmaster and Meowth fight, crowds of refugees cheer, Brock lies unconscious on the ground, and Razor and RJ chase Six.

Manga ::stops dancing to look at the madness happening around her, Max, and Nina:: Hey, you guys?

Nina and Max Yeah?

Manga Do you get the feeling we're living in a world full of complete madness?

Max What makes you say that?

Manga ::watches Razor and R.J chase Six:: ........Oh, no reason.

Nina Come on, you two - let's carry on with our dance.

Manga Hold on.....come out and join the party, Peeky. ::throws the Pokeball containing Peeky into the air::

Peeky Pika-chu Pika. ::popping out of the Pokeball::

Max Alright, everybody ... a 1 a 2 ::starts dancing::

Manga Start the music.

::conga music starts in the background::

Max, Manga and Nina ALRIGHT!!!!!

Peeky PIKA!! (Translation: YEAH!!!!)

All of a sudden, five human boys crash land and appear in the swamp. They're weaponless since they were sky diving and their weapons were taken away.

Feral ::sweat drop:: Oh great, more visitors!!

Duo Man, that was some drop!!

Wufei Listen, Maxwell, next time you 'volunteer' us for sky-diving it would help if you asked us first.

Max ::in the background:: ARGGGGHHH I HATE THAT NAME!!!!

Heero Ooh, a fight ::goes over to watch, isn't sure which side to cheer for::

Quatre ::goes and joins Manga, Nina and Max in the small conga line::

Trowa Is this place a circus ? .....I could do my acrobatics.

Nina You know what?  We're beginning to wonder that too.

Quatre Hello, em.....can I join in?

Manga Sure....um..what's your name?

Quatre My name's Quatre. ::pronounces it "Catra" for those unfamiliar with the character::

Max Oh, hi, 4 in French.

Quatre No, my name's Quatre.

Max ::nods:: Yes....4 in French.

Quatre Please....just call me Quatre.

Max Okay, 4 in French, whatever you say, 4 in French.

Quatre I give up!!!! ::finally joins in with the conga line:: So, what sort of dance is this?

Manga It's called the conga. It's where you dance in a long line and more people join and you eventually have a long train of people.

Nina When Viper started the dance it was a can-can line.

Duo ::butts in:: Did someone say Can-Can?!! (In-joke alert)

Quatre ::pushes Duo:: Go away, Duo!!

Duo Whoahh!! People here got no respect. No respect. No respect at all!!

Max And, since Viper started all this madness, we'll have to thank him.

Max, Nina, Manga and Quatre Thank you, Dr. Viper!!


Submitted by Razaar Kaadle.

Meanwhile, a very odd looking felinish creature watches all of this from a tree. He hears the line "People here got no respect. No respect. No respect at all!!" and is reminded of Rodney Dangerfield.........

M'lar(The creature) No respect. Even here I get no respect!

Viper ::swings by::

M'lar Oooo, a monkey! And it's an UGLY one too!!! ::jumps in the air and grabs Viper by the tail, pulling him and the vine down::

Viper Ahhh! You ssstupid fool! Now look what you've done!

M'lar What? You're not a monkey ... you're a freaky snake thing...

Viper ::indignant:: I am not freaky. I'm ssssmarter than you.

M'lar Oh yeah? What's the sound of one hand clapping?

Viper ::holds out his paw and 'claps' it by making his fingers hit the palm of his hand::

M'lar Ok...then...hmmm...If..

Viper ::interrupting:: I get to ask you one now! You had your turn!

M'lar Oh ok...

Viper If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a noise?

M'lar ::thinks for a while:: I don't know. And that's a stupid question anyway. And, another thing, why are you wearing that dress?

Viper It wassss the only thing I had clean. ::sticks out his tongue::

M'lar Oo. The lizard thing! Neeeeeeeaaaaaaat.

Viper That's it - I'm out of here...::starts running through the swamp::

M'lar Darn. I loose more weird cross-dressing snake things that way... ::sees the conga line...::

M'lar WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTT!! I'm coming with you! This place scares me! ::chases after Viper::


Submitted by BurstSK.

Some hours later, Viper had at last lost M'lar and the visitors had all has returned to where they belonged... or at least wandered off. Things were starting to seem normal enough...

T-Bone ::is under a tree talking with Callie:: So...is the whole swamp this romantic?

Callie ::gives him a sarcastic look:: No.


Dr. Viper ::has been recaptured and is drunk, has began singing "It's my life":: It'ssssssssss my life!!!!

Felina ::glares:: Shaddup! I have some errands to run... Can you two watch him?

Kat Guards Yes, Ma'am.

Felina ::runs off to check on Manx::

Dr. Viper ::breaks loose and begins another can-can line::


Suddenly...... Some of the cast of "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail" run in. Why? Probably because they heard the swamp was absolutely mad and thought they'd fit right in.....

Black Knight I am invulnerable!!!!!!::joins the can-can::

Shrubbery Salesman ::sees the can-can line:: What a sad day it is when a dragon can lead a line of dancing idiots... ::runs over to join::

Entire Populace of Camelot ::join and begin singing "Camelot is but a silly place!"::

Knights Who Say "Ni" ::are dancing along screaming"Ni!"::

T-Bone ::hears the commotion gets up to see what is going on:: Callie, stay here.

Callie::sighs and does so::

Knights Who Say "Ni" ::see T-Bone:: Dear God! That thing is half frog!!!!! ::all run screaming in terror::

T-Bone ::sighs: :Jerks...Whoa! Hey, Callie! Come join me!

Callie and T-Bone ::join the can-can line::

King Arthur This is an odd place.... Hrrrmmmm... ::sees a wine glass:: The Holy Grail?!?!?!?!?!

Felina ::was handing them out to children after filling them with water:: What the?! ::is tackled by King Arthur:: Get off me!!!!!

King Arthur Gimme me the Holy Grail!!!!!!

Felina ::sighs:: Here. ::hands him an empty wine glass::

King Arthur ::runs around raving that his quest is over::

Razor ::sees this::What in the...

King Arthur Fineladwillyoujoinmeincelebratingthefactthatmyquestisover?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


RJ ::was behind Razor:: Uhmmm, are you crazy?

Six Yeah, dude, what up with you?

Razor and RJ ::turn to Six:: YOU!!!!!!!::CHASECHASE!!!::

Evil Bunny ::sees King Arthur and chases::


Felina ::found Manx in the can-can:: Why me?

Manx But, I was having fuuuuuuun! ::while being dragged by his ear::

Six, Razor, RJ ::all run by::

Felina ::blinks:: Riiiiiight....


Three hours later...

Razor ::pants:: Crud.. I don't see him...

RJ ::sighs:: Neither do I...

Six ::tackles from above:: Ha!!!!!!!!!!

RJ and Razor ::are tackled::

Six ::runs away and cackles::

Razor ::stands:: That little creep!!!!!!

RJ Let's get him!!! ::chases::

Razor ::ditto::


Dark Kat ::issa wearing a Hawaiian shirt and pink shorts:: Come, my Creeplings!

Dark Kat and Creeplings::join the mile long can-can line::


King Arthur ::runs from the bunny for days::


T-Bone and Callie ::got tired and left the can-can line::

T-Bone So, Callie....

Callie Yes?

T-Bone and Callie ::begin to kiss::

Six ::bursts through:: Outta da' way!!!!

RJ and Razor ::chase::

T-Bone and Callie ::look to each other and nod, join the chase::


Submitted by KS Claw.

As the wild party goes on, Viper has somehow AGAIN gotten sober and just *has* to run into Syphon... whom one could hope to only see when drunk...

Syphon ::baaaaalinks as he sees the can-can-line!!:: Hm... mortals just get weirder and weirder... Glad I´m not among them!! ::as RJ, Razor, T-Bone and Callie run by chasing Six::

Viper ::wassa running from M'lar, but runs into Syphon (since it´s a alternate dimensional thingie, Viper wouldn´t know him)::

Syphon OURF! YOU!!

Viper Do I know you?

Syphon ::grabs Viper around the throat and lifts him up, grooooowling::

Viper ::doesn´t like the look of those teeth Syphon has::

King Arthur ::sees this:: Foul demon who attacks simple and innocent.... uh.. ::looooks on Viper:: ...giant reptiles, I challenge you!!

Syphon Ya talkin' ta me?

Killer Rabbit ::comes and tries to kill Syphon::

Syphon ::glaaaares at the rabbit, which quickly scurries off::

Viper ::is nearly unable to breathe::

King Arthur Yes, I talk to you!

Syphon ::smirks:: Very well then. ::ties up Viper with some vines:: Now, don´t go away!

Viper ::has a vine around his snout, so he can´t do anything but make muffled sounds::


Meanwhile, KS Claw arrives along with her friend Unity, both big Viper fans.

Unity Where are we, KS? Are we back in the realm of nightmares? (reference to an RPG of theirs)

KS I have nooo idea, Unity.... Looks alot like MK swamp to me...

Unity MK swamp? Does that mean we´ll meet Viper!!?? ::eyes tingle::

KS I think so. C'mon. ::they go off in search of Viper::



Syphon::has found King Arthur ain´t so easy to defeat as he thought:: What does it take to defeat you?!!

King Arthur ::begins all his gibberish about the honor and blah blah blah:: (Kris: Personally, I think Monty Python's Arthur is just nuts enough to hold his own.)

Syphon ::groans:: I GET THE POINT! ::knocks King Arthur over::

King Arthur @~@

Syphon ::rubs fist:: That's better! Now, where were we? ::turns to face Viper:: WHAT!!!

Viper ::has somehow gotten free of the vines and is gone::

Syphon ::roars angrily::

M'Lar ::in hiding:: Man, that dude has a serious attitude problem!!!


The End?  Not likely...  I'm sure I'll think of more...  Ideas are welcomed if you want to join the madness... just keep it clean!

 The pic of Viper up there was drawn by Rebecca Mason. Click to see the full image and a few by myself and others. Thanks, Rebecca!

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