Title: Carrie's Psalm
Author: Kristen Sharpe
Date: Completed May 19, 2001

I seriously doubt this story is very comprehensible to anyone but myself. Set in the future timeline of the Technical Difficulties series, it takes place after the original SWAT Kats disappear and their children are left to pick up the pieces. Now, if you hadn't noticed, I dearly love T-Bone and Razor. I do not intend to write even a single full-length story of this series without them. They will disappear at the end of one story and reappear promptly in the next. Yes, time will take place between the two stories, but I'm not writing anything that I'll allow to be called a SWAT Kat fanfic and part of the Tech Diff series without the original SWAT Kats.


The Lord is...

Lord, if you can't help me, no one can. The world just broke apart. Put it back together. You put it together in the beginning.

....my shepherd.

A shepherd? Shepherds guide and care for the sheep, right? Wish someone would show me where to go now.

I shall not want.

But, I do! I want Dad found and back here right now! I want to defend him from Max and his nasty mouth again! I want to be his shadow like I've always been.

...green pastures....

Not on this sandy beach. There's only the roar of surf. The gulls cawing. The wind and spray in my hair. The sand beneath my feet.

He leads me...

Let it be to them! They're alive! I can feel it! Lead me there! I don't want this change, this newness. I hate it!

Even though I walk...

And, walk and walk... Miles of sand ahead, miles behind. The house is so small from here. Tiny. Nestled high on the cliff.

...a valley as dark as death,...

Let there be no more death. No more. Come what may from this mess, I refuse to die.

...I fear no...

But, I do. I fear his... change... Cousin Joe caring for us, the empty house, the not knowing... I fear them all.


Stole my family. Left me alone. Then, I will fight it! As my father did.

...for Thou art...

Thou art the only one with power to right this.


Comfort me. Hold me. I'm scared.


Max found her huddled on a rock overlooking the sea, hours later. As his huge shadow fell over her, she remained unmoving. Huge feet touching down on the rock, he landed by her, his wings blotting out the sun.

"Carebear,...?" the huge teen started hesitantly.


"It's late..."

"The sun hasn't set yet...."

"Oh." Max spread his wings wide, preparing to leave her alone, sensing this was not the time for teasing.

"Stay and watch it with me." Carrie's voice was barely audible.

Wordlessly, Max settled his tremendous mutant frame by her.

Together, the two watched the fiery orb slip beneath the water, the wind ruffling their auburn hair.

In the stillness that followed, Carrie mumbled, "But, it'll be back."

Max smiled and stood, effortlessly pulling his sister into his arms. "Well, duh!"

Carrie grinned faintly at his certainty. Could he possibly understand...?

"They'll be back," her suddenly serious brother hissed in her ear, the statement fierce, determined.

Carrie only nodded; he was right. Somehow. They would find their parents. That in mind, she let him scoop her into his arms and fly her home.

Art by K.S. Claw.