Once upon a time there lived two Enforcer heroes Their job to protect their city from crime. For some reason the Commander thought them zeroes And warned them it was only a matter of time.
Then one fateful day during an aerial chase The Enforcers were on a collision course with Fate. Dangerous flying at a dangerous pace One mistake and it was all too late.
Feral threw the kats out in disgrace Telling them they would pay. They had to run the metal salvage place And that's where they would stay.
"Jake!" cried Chance. "This isn't fair!" As they surveyed the metal remains. But not too much later the disgruntled pair Found they could build a new plane!
"What'll we do once we're done with that?" Asked Chance with a bit of scorn. Jake said "Get back in the air and get back at Dark Kat!" And that's how the SWAT Kats were born.
Now villains come and villains go And the Enforcers do their part. But though we're thankful for them, much more so Are the SWAT Kats in our heart.
By Rikki Feral