An Ending?
By Worthy

What happened, T-Bone?
What did I do?
As I run, all alone,
I think the team’s through.

I tried to warn you of her charms,
Steer you away from her lies,
But you kept going back to her arms.
I was left on the outside.

I finally faced you,
Right in front of her,
Told you the truth
In very few words.

“Shut up, Razor!”
That was your cry of denial.
I’d hoped you’d understood when you heard,
But that hit showed me I was wrong all the while.

Your strike hit me right in the chin,
I flew back from the force.
As I flew, I thought of how things had always been,
I thought we were friends, I’d obviously been fooling myself, of course.

My past had been filled with loneliness,
A never ending pain.
But after meeting you and ceased being friendless,
The sunshine came through my rain.

I looked at you, rubbing the hurt
From that painful blow.
On her face there was a smirk,
On yours was shocked look that came slow.

“Razor,” you began as you reached for me,
I quickly pulled away.
I was afraid of you, as clear as could be,
Just as much as when I’d met you that first day.

I rose to my feet,
Still woozy from the hit.
That she-kat tried to look sweet,
I wanted to believe you cared and, yet,

The trust had been pulled away,
I didn’t know you now,
My mind kept racing to the day
We chose to become pals.

You reached out to me again.
I braced myself to break into a run.
You tried to grab onto my hand,
But I was always the faster one.

So, how is your life now with your girl?
Where did I make my mistake?
You’d been the most important person in my world.
T-Bone, I thought things had been going just great.

Poet’s note: This is going to happen in one of my fanfics someday. Thank you.