Razor: Donít leave me yet, my best friend.
We were one force, never to rend.

T-Bone: Death has stronger claws.
We canít escape or break his laws.

Razor: But Iím in this together with you.
Donít let the bony spirit dismember you.

T-Bone: Iíll never be severed from you.
Your loved one will always remember you.

Razor: Shut up please! For me be still.
You will survive! I know you will.

T-Bone: Youíve got to be a kat and live on.
Iíll be your angel and never be gone.

Razor: Just stay with me awhile more.
Donít pass yet through deathís dark door.

T-Bone: Didnít I say Iíd always be here,
Right at your side, youíve nothing to fear.

Razor: I thank God for you, T-Bone!
Now I know for sure I wonít ride alone.

Both: For eternity weíll guard the skies,
And watch the city from on high!

By David Noble