T-Bone's Bitterest Loss

Grieved, T-Bone falls dumb with devestation
At his desperate investigation.
In the rumbles Razor lay
Of his spirit depraved.
In faltering arms, T-Bone raised the flesh
And carried the limbs to peaceful rest.

Raising his watery eyes to the sky, he cried,
"Death to Dark Kat that my buddy died!
Countless happy days I knew at his side
Now come down when fate and joy collide.
Stay with me, corpse most dear,
Until my end comes near."

Laying the body on his lap,
T-Bone prepared to conclude the mishap.
"Good bye city, sky, and sea.
Razor, I'll share death with thee!"
Assisted by a fatal gun,
The Swat Kats again are joined as one.

--By David Noble

Inspired by Pen's Choices, Part 2: The Search and the Rescue