Chance Furlong feels a fire kindled in his heart
Where Cupid pierced his golden dart.
His deepest desire he wants to express,
For the cute depudee in the little pink dress.
He says, "For you, my hopes take high flight.
Baby, allow me to take you out tonight."

 She says, "You're so polite, you fond lover boy.
But that poor little orange kitty seems so coy."
Jake Clawson squirms in his happy fears.
While Chance's eyes are drowned in tears.
Callie takes Jake by his quivering hand.
"Why not me?" Chance just can't understand.

"Felina may be your best cure.
Her feelings for you already endure."
She wants to ask Chance out on a date.
She hopes her affections aren't too late.
"Alright," was Chance's only answer.
That one word was quite enough for her.

By David Noble