Iron Ice Iron Ice

Memories are racing through the empty and shattered spaces of my mind.
What is reality, and what is faked?
My mind is playing tricks on me, and my soul is mourning over the loss.

Doní't shed any tears over me; I will always be by your side.
Look into your heart or deep into her eyes; I will be there.

You know that even death caní't take me down.
Ií've faced her many times, and I have always won.

But I need you now more than you will ever know.
My heart is aching, longing for your presence.
But my heart, my love, must wait until my soul, mind, and body heals.

-- By Harmony Morris
Based on her fanfic Challenging Death, part of The Saga of the Shape-Shifter
Original artwork by and (c) Harmony Morris