Alas, poor life...
I knew it well...

By Mike Furlong

It used to be wonderful, like springtime
Excitement, joy, fun, it was really swell
'Till I did something extremely stupid and now look like him
Now I am a mutant frog/kat, like my brother Max.
It seems so weird now...
With a lizard tail, wings, webbed feet and hands, I just want the facts!
Life is so bitter, so cruel, so new, so cold,
Kats who were my friends will reject me,
Doctors who want to 'cure' me, only to make me close to death
Why, oh why, can't they just let me be?!
I want to feel better, to have a new life
Max helps me day in and day out,
Life gets us both down, they do not care
It gets so cruel, so hateful, I wish I could pout.
"Accept me for who I am!" I yell at them
"Why?! You should really be dead!" they scold.
My life is forever marred, ruined, wasted
Throughout the years until I am old,
But with Max I have new hope,
He's "Been there, done that", and can tell what's right
My big brother, to me he's like a hero
So brave, calm, cool, and likes to fly with me at night.
Prejudice? Who needs it!
Certainly not us!
Accept us, love us, we are katkind too,
So we may be a little mutated, don't make a fuss.
My father, Chance, and my mother, Callie, are very supportive too
Caring, loving, giving, helping; they love us.
Our colors are red, black, and blue,
The colors of freedom, of excitement, of courage, of heroes,
Without them, we might be lost in a monochromatic world
Only to be called "Those vigilantes", "Those rogues"
My life may be forever different, but I vow to help save everthing short of this world.

Based on events in the SWAT Kats: The Rogue Squadron RPG