Last Dreams

I look at the walls, and I cry.
I see his picture, and I want to die.
I see him in my dreams,
telling me what I want to hear, false lies.
"You failed. You failed.
We gave you all, and you failed."
I know I didn't fail, but I know I lost.
I know not all is lost, but inside, I feel empty.
Without those I love, my life is gone.
I miss my brother Jake.
His smile and his voice, laugh, and chuckle.
His friend Chance and his helping paw.
His spirit and his relentless defense of good
and hate for evil.
My bandmates, Adam, Mike and J.P.
They were special, always there for me.
I miss my friends, my family.
I know they did not die because of me.
I shall not rest until I have wreaked my revenge.
Their death shall not be for nothing.
With the help of an unlikely Commander,
I shall win the war.
The black jet of death, mocking me in my dreams, shall be no more.

by Crash Clawson

--Based on his fanfic/RPG character