Mad Kat is still up to his old tricks,
but revenge and comedy don't mix.
He promises the audience some laughter,
only to find the prey that he's after.
"To extinquish the lady, king, and knight
begins my Mad Kat monarch state aright!"
T-Bone and Razor come as valiant steeds
to satisfy all damsel Callie's needs.
The fool's cap is their intended aim.
Only two knights can play at that game.
But Mad Kat's arm become tentacles
in which the Swat Kat's feet, he tickles.
T-Bone and Razor are trapped in laughter,
but is part is not happily ever after.
Their feet can still kick off the tentacles
and burst his character reviving capbells.
With lasers, the job is done.
The joker loses, the knights have won.
Callie gives her blushing knights a kiss
for pulling her out from deep distress.

by David Noble