Some say, I have no soul,
And some say, I am Death
That has come for your soul at last.
Some say, I am a hero
With a very destructive past.

Some say, I was once a Queen.
Others say, I was a killer.
Some say, both are true, but no longer.
Iím no longer her.

Some say, Iím not responsible
For those Iíve killed.
Some say, they will kill me
For what they have lost.
And what do I say?
For what theyíve lost,
Iíll do whatever I can
To repay the cost.

I may not be a favorite in Feralís book,
And I may never be.
But Iím not going to let him stop me.
For I am a Swat Kat,
And Iíll fight to make our city free.

For I am Quiver.

Kari Gilmore
AKA Katarina Furlong