Chance tells his grandkittens a story.
    Tell us a story, GrandPop!  Oh yes, please do!
Will it be about dragons or knights or a princess or two?

       Tell us a story, Grandfather, please oh please!!
One with villains and heroes!! And people we know!

  Tell us a story, Granddaddy!   Please please please!!! 
One about Queens and Kings and unicorns too!
And snakes and stars and moons!

    I just thought of one, Grandfather!
Never mind the other ones...
I think we all will agree!  Tell us one about our heroes and their quest that they did!!

    Oh yes!!  I agree.  Yeah me too!!  Tell us, tell us!!!
Tell us, oh please!!!

      "All right, little ones.   I know which one you speak of
The same as last night's story and all the other nights too!"

      Then tell us, tell us before we have a heart attack!

"All right!! All right!   I'll tell you one about the Swat Kats!!"

By R*A*C*H*E*L