Thoughts and Understandings

I try to find myself.
I try to find me.
I know it is inside there, but I don't know where.
It hides, tries to stay away, but it can't escape.
It needs me, like I need it.
It goes with me, I go with it.
It is my strength, my weakness.
When I hurt, it hurts.
When I need it, it is there.
When I don't need it, it is seen nowhere.
It is my courage.
It makes me what I am.
I'm a SWAT Kat, through and through, that's what I am.
I do all I can do.
I have fear, very true, but that fear fades when I do WHAT I do.
Death pulls no punches, but neither do I.
Can it take me alive? It can try.

By Crash Clawson
--Based on his fanfic/RPG character

Crash - Thoughts and Understandings