True Friends

The Three

Tomkats three, a pilot, a WSO, a soldier,
Forever friends they will be
I know those two well, they are like brothers
And the third, is me
Two Americans, and a German
Together to fight world terrorism
Three that seem so apart, so cold, so alone
Are together, forever, friends for the longest time
Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson, and Jake Bridges
Yet, for now, I do not know their secrets, whatever they may be
But soon, I vow, I will find out who they are
I have saved their lives before, starting death in the face
But what did I care?
Those were my friends dying out there!
Quick to react, to rescue, I saved them from becoming target practice
For those trying to save the lives of the government officials
Grief tore me apart for the longest time, depression hit me hard,
With the coming times, of new health, of healing
Gave me new life, made me happy once again, made me glad to have friends like those two.
We do things together, yet odd this may seem,
We are friends forever, and would each give our life to save the other ones
In a heartbeat.
I admire those two, who have been each other's friend since kittenhood
I wish I could have had those two as friends for that long
But though I have not, we act like we've been friends since 3rd grade.
True friends are they to me.
True Friends they will forever be.
True Friends.

By Jake Bridges (based on his fanfics)