By Jake Clawson & Chance Furlong

What is it, you ask?
First, take turbo - let's use a jet.
Turbonium is hard to harness, hence the natural tendency for speed.
Speed, Turbonium does very well.
Quick, agile, sleek, stealth,
Nobody can catch it.
Except us.
SWAT Kats are the only ones able to harness Turbonium.
They use it, quite a lot. Nobody can catch them.
Oops! We just described the TurboKat!
Nobody can get her when T-Bone's at the controls
"Take that, Dark Kat!"
It can go Mach 2.5, and top out over 200,000.
Nothing can match it, nothing can beat it.
The essence of Turbonium - The TurboKat.