Turmoil declares her dominion over the skies
Until two daring masked pilots she spies.
Drawing them in with her laser abduction art,
She desires to bring T-Bone into her heart.

"I shall be yours faithfully to the end
If you will help me dispose of your friend!"
T-Bone pretendidly joined with the foe,
But feigned returned affection he did show.

At love's game, he activates the explosion
To turn her masterpiece ship into corrosion.
Then meeting Razor, he gives his repentence.
They escape while Turmoil swears vengeance.

She hunts the Swat Kats in their trail,
But her missed shots only confirm his betrayal.
Giving up, she feels it's safe to get away,
Then her beloved traitor gives her away.

T-Bone wrote "Our short memories I'll always keep."
But that unfeeling promise sank her spirits deep.
She cries "Oh,if only I could see you again!
At least show pity, than love for my pain."

by David Noble