Around the skies, orange and green,
Enforcers do their daily rounds.
But in the night atmosphere serene,
Deceitful villains lurk on abound.

Enforcer's guns are helpless to save.
But at the sound of an alarm's cry,
Our heroes leave the fun they crave,
From cars to jet in the evil dark sky.

"Let's stop and unravel his little game!"
Comes T-Bone's anxious cry.
"Missiles away!" is Razor's greatest fame,
Whose gadgets, evil forces, all defy.

Criminal's malicious schemes, Swat Kats prevent
With various missiles of newest high tech.
So much for their plans, villains newly invent.
Poor stupid Feral is as jealous as heck.

"You hotshot vigilantes will have to pay!"
So comes outraged Feral's famous say.
T-Bone says "This is just another day,
With Feral's praise along the way."

By David Noble