This will help readers understand my characters better. Please note that some characters may change a little in the stories.

Storm: A short haired light gray she-kat who wants revenge very badly. Was injured when a building fell on top of her and now wants revenge against the culprits: the SWAT Kats. She is a mutant in a way that you would not think. She is the third youngest sister of what I call “The Mutant Sisters”, but I refer to them just as mutants most of the time. She is sometimes called “Night-mare” because she has a hard time overcoming her nightmares, so she brings them to life.

Firefly: A short haired ginger she-kat who loves the spring. She loves the birth of new life but also likes to end life for others. She is the youngest sister in the mutants. She is sometimes called “The Fire Of Life” because she’s beautiful yet brings a swift death.

Autumn: A long haired dark brown she-kat who is very quiet yet smart. She is often referred to as “The Storm Bringer” seeing as she causes monsoons and hurricanes. She is the second oldest of the mutants.

Ice: A long haired white snow leopard that is very smart yet very dangerous. She can control snow, which is a very hard trick. She is sometimes called “Winter Moon” because of her glowing blue eyes.