Ni-hao! AkaneKitty here. This is an offshoot story called "Musings of a Kat."

Commander Feral's attempt at writing a journal. It is his thoughts on what's on his mind  (as of Chapter 25).

Author's note: This really doesn't fit into the Arcana Saga. It kind of does for the Absolute Journey though, which is why I'm putting it separate from the rest of my stories.

It might be good to be familiar with my series. It has clues for things to come, as well as plays off some of the hints I've put into the series. Like, for
instance, the title.

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Ja ne,

The Absolute Journey:
Musings of a Kat

Fall Season: 2nd week

Hmm. I'm not good at journal writing. Felina suggested I try it. . .just to save everyone at headquarters from my mood swings. Never knew it could get *that* bad. Perhaps I'm too set in my ways. . .Oh well.

These journals are for telling what you feel. . .So, what do I feel? What do I want? Well, that's quite obvious. It's turning out to be quite fun, too. . We Scorpios(and Ferals) love the chase. And, myself. . .I like the challenge. I haven't stuck around this city eight years for nothing.

But, I have to admit, that it has kept me from leaving. Dealing with our resident clowns could drive anyone crazy. Speaking of which, I hope I'm driving them nuts. They've never dealt with this version of Feral. . .nobody around here, that is. Deleon, Clawson, and Anshi were the only ones to see it. Too bad I wasn't like this before. Could have spared me a lot of grief where the SWAT Kats are concerned.

The SWAT Kats. They seem so off balance when I do something they would have never attributed to me. Like. . .for instance. . .flirting with the Deputy Mayor. And, they seem not to like it when she responds. Sucks to be them.

I wonder if I should sign my name to this? Speaking of that, I should be thinking about that document oniisama wants me to sign. Maybe I was a bit hasty in kicking his son and his friend out. It was a bad day all around. I was being selfish. . .a little. Clawson's son being in his current position isn't helping his son any. . .and I still have to deal with Major Furlong. We're just going have to learn to get along, even though he hates me. Some things are just more important.

Is this it? Hmm. I wrote more than I thought I could. What is there else to say?. . .Terri's seems to have disappeared. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Terri could say a lot, and cause a lot of damage. But, on the other paw, I could really get back at that pilot. . .

Eh. . .Night shift change. Maybe I should go driving. But, Callie is calling me. . .Decisions, decisions. . .

Ulysses Feral

P.S.: Oniisama invited me over for sushi. . .I bet the kat figured out a way to put Mongo Peppers into it. It's not like he could eat that many like he could before. The kat's getting older. . .So what does that say about me?

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