Ni-hao! AkaneKitty here (At last!). Here's a second Feral journal entry of  "Musings of a Kat."

After regretting doing a double shift (caused by schedule shifting for Callie), Feral takes a moment to write in his journal.

This entry takes place after "Now or Never."

Author's note: I was going to do this after the next chapter of the Absolute Journey. But, classes have tied me up so that I couldn't write a full chapter
right now. And, since I want to write something short, Feral was the likely candidate.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to read "Now or Never" as well as Callie's 2nd entry, "Of the Past, of the Present."

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Ja ne,

Musings of a Kat
2nd Entry

Fall Season. 3rd week.

A kiss by any other name would be as sweet. . .Eh. . .I've been hanging around Clawson a little *too* long. . .

What possessed me to take a double shift? Well. . .for the end result, naturally, but I'm sleepy. Next time, I'll take some time off.

Around this time of year, I feel as if I'm forgetting something. . .Clawson could help.

Mikan oranges, chocolates, and kisses. What could be better? I guess an admittance of feelings, but that's easier said than done. Callie must get
frustrated with me, sometimes.

But. . .I love her. Even more so now than ever before.

Who would think that I would fall in love with the Emperor's daughter? I'm surprised that I would think of her as a lackey, even though she was the
daughter of Governor Briggs. She's really held her own against Manx.

I hope she's alright. She seemed really hurt when Kandi said Manx wanted the Planetarium named after him. Pompous jerk.

Speaking of which, what is Kandi's agenda? She seems to have free run of the place. But, with a mayor like Manx, that's easy. But, still. . .I'll have to
check that out.

It's almost time for the Banquet, and Callie and I present ourselves as a couple. I look forward to it.

Maybe, this time, I can finally take off my locket. . .

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