Ni-hao! AkaneKitty here. This is Callie's 2nd journal entry.

After her dinner date with Feral, Callie writes her feelings into her journal. Should she follow her feelings? If so, what are her feelings?

Author's note: Another delve into Callie's mind. Leave it to Feral to say meaningful things. . .

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Ja ne,

Of the Past, Of the Present
2nd Entry

Fall Season. 3rd Week.

What a night this was! I had a lot of fun. . .despite the fact I fainted for no particular reason and Ulysses didn't kiss me goodnight. . .That kat! Maybe I
should have initiated it. . .It would be fun to see his reaction this time!

But, it was nice to be in his arms those few seconds. Maybe what he said *did* have an affect. . .And, what powerful words they are. . .

"I do hope to be your Knight, someday. . ."

Ulysses has a great way with words. . .Practice makes perfect, as he told me tonight.

I wonder if he has any idea on what he said? He looked so confused. . .I just couldn't say anything! I can't say in a middle of date that I'm thinking of
another kat! I thought I had gotten past that. . .But, apparently not.

So he wants to be my Knight, eh? I think I should take that as a sign. Maybe, in my own way, want him to be that Knight. . .But, that seems to be impossible. . .

What does this all mean? Mother always said to follow your feelings. . .By that standard, I guess I should tell him how I feel. . .I love my Knight. . .I'm
falling in love with Ulysses.

Maybe this go around will be better. . .and he'd better start calling me Callie! Calico is a little too formal for a budding relationship. . .I should give him a nickname. . .maybe. . .U-kun?

Now, the trick is getting him to admit *his* feelings. Which is easier said than done. Dragging a thought out of that kat can be like pulling teeth. . .but he seems to be loosening up. Maybe, just maybe, I can get him to be up front about his feelings. Which means I'd better be up front about mine. . What to do. . .

Eh. . .I'm tired. . .it's been a long day, and even better night. Back under P-chan you go!

Callie Briggs

PS: Ulysses called me Helen of Troy. Helen of Troy. . .I like that!

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