Ni-hao! AkaneKitty here. This is "Of the Past, Of the Present."

After convincing Feral to escort her to the League of Cities Awards Banquet, Callie drags out her old journal to reflect on past events.

Author's note: As with Feral's, you may want to be familiar with my series. These journal entries do not fit with the chapters I'm righting at the present time. They are a part of the Absolute Journey.

I like writing these to give myself a change of pace. It also gives a view of the main character's mind set. Feral's might update in a while.

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The Absolute Journey:
Of the Past, Of the Present

Fall Season, 2nd Week:

Phew. Anshi wasn't kidding when she told me her brother was complex. Feral's. . .I mean. . .Ulysses' reaction to my kiss was minor. . .OK, it was peck on the check. . .But, I thought he would have reacted better than that. I call his bluff and all I got out of him was surprise.

In his defense though, I would be guarded, too. Someone as wishy-washy as myself that can't even decide on who her Knight is, let alone who she might have feelings for, deserves it. We were close years ago, and then things went south. ..and now it seems like we're patching things up.

But, this "Knight" business always seems to crop up at the wrong time. It's always reminding me of a sad moment of the past when he was there to comfort me. Am I looking for him in others? Or am I being selfish in thinking that he should actually be my Knight?

Hmm. . .something else is bothering me. . .oh, yes. The boys told me a while ago that Lokii told them I was using them. What's the truth in that? I did
want Ulysses to. . .umm. . .do better than he was doing at that time. But, that was back in the time of our big disagreement. I'm realizing now that his paws were and are still tied by the law. Breaking it risks his command. And, yes, maybe I was being selfish in thinking that he could be what the SWAT Kats are, instead of himself.

How chaotic my life is right now. I don't know my own feeling, I don't know who my Knight is, I have an inept mayor, and I have to keep dealing with
his "girlfriend." I had to keep myself from slapping her. "School marm," indeed. Ulysses is right in the fact I can use the banquet to show her up. As much as I wouldn't do it otherwise, revenge is sweet. Mother could help in that regard.

Mother is being so pushy. I know she wanted me and Ulysses to date for the longest time, but. . .I wonder why she's so pushy? She's mentioned my Knight and forgiveness since she's been in town. Like the Knight of the Past should stay in the past. . .It's almost like she knows something. . .

But, at times, Ulysses can seem so familiar to me. . .

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