Finished Works:
A human Inuyasha carrying a wounded Kagome. A sad-faced child Inuyasha. Based on a joke/RPG session with my friend SageSK.  A little hard to explain to those not familiar with the series 'SWAT Kats', but, basically, Inuyasha finds himself babysitting kitten versions of the two SWAT Kats. Just a little Christmas picture I originally drew as a black and white sketch on Sage's Christmas card.  It's since been much edited in Photoshop. Shippou looks at the night sky, thinking of his father. This originally began as practice for making starfields, following the tutorial by Greg Martin.

Kagome giving Inuyasha an ear/head rub. Inuyasha as a firefly. Firefly-Yasha gets revenge on the Shitoushin. Just a typical Inuyasha glower. An upset Shippou.

Inuyasha in semi-youkai form again Inuyasha's not happy with Shippou. Inuyasha in his Viking helmet Rin done in watercolor pencils

The original rough sketch of the earlier image. A page of quick doodles of Inuyasha. Generic sketch of Inuyasha standing. Based on The Purple Ghost's fanfic The World Through His Eyes.  Inuyasha and his mismatched family?  Only time will tell. A fairly boring portrait of Human Inuyasha in modern garb.  Done mostly to experiment with the pen tool since I know how to use it now.  Thanks to Druihd and her awesome tutorial!

It's become so natural for Sango to smack Miroku for his infractions she doesn't even notice when she does it sometimes. My generic, too like the manga frame 'drunk Inuyasha with the butterflies' sketch inspired by chapter 357 of the manga. Little joke pic based on manga chapter 385, titled Another modern look for Inuyasha Sango and Miroku
Yeah, Kagome...  What do you mean you're out of ramen? Rin has Sesshoumaru's fluff Falling Inuyasha Inuyasha and Shippou are shocked Kagome slips and Inuyasha catches

Sketches Directory - A directory of my quick sketches and works in-progress.


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