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A note to visitors from my SWAT Kat site: As Inuyasha itself is not a children's show like SWAT Kats, so too all of the sites linked here for it will not be as child-friendly as my SWAT Kat links. Content is likely to include PG-13 material.


Inu Goya: A Better Use of the News - One of those all-inclusive sites, information and a lot of fun all in one place. While there's no more current news to post, the site has tons of relevant information and news articles, summaries and reviews for the anime and manga, the creator's wonderful, often hilarious fanart, clips from Inuyasha dubs in various languages, and the brilliant "Dear Papa" section where people have asked Inu-Papa their questions.

Inuyasha - Karma - Another great site with a little of everything - a wealth of series information, fanworks, downloads, contests and a forum.

Hagakure Productions - Another amazing resource for information on the setting of the series. It has a number of excellent, informative articles. The site also includes music videos and links to the author's fanfiction, both mostly featuring Sango and Miroku.

Rumic World - A site featuring a wealth of information on Rumiko Takahashi and her many series. Includes The Inuyasha Companion which has information on the series.

Wikipedia Entry - For some general information on the series, here's Inuyasha's entry on Wikipedia.

Fanfiction and Fanart

Aino-Kaachan/Sunling - The account of another of my favorite authors who has written some truly wonderful Inuyasha fanfics. I particularly like "Exitus" and "Spring Snow".

Druihd's Fanart - Well, Druihd doesn't seem to be running her website anymore. But, you can still find her wonderful cel-like Inuyasha fanart as well as other fanart in her deviantART account.

MistyWhite - More lovely Inuyasha fanart.


Disclaimer: Inuyasha, the character and the series, belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan Inc., Sunrise, TV TOKYO, Bandai, and Viz Communications.