Miscommunication - Alternate Universe. She sure didn't dress like Sleeping Beauty. He wasn't exactly Prince Charming. And, goodness knows true love's first kiss wasn't involved. He still woke her. The spell still bound them. And, their quest began. Status: 8 Chapters. The latest chapter is "Bones of Contention".

The More Things Change... - Alternate Universe. A hanyou Sesshoumaru. A full youkai Inuyasha. Kagome's journeys in the past get off to a rather different start, but some things never change. Latest chapter: Chapter 2.


Half-Baked - A collection of attempts at 100 word fanfics and other short odds and ends featuring various characters.

Looking Ahead - After proposing to Sango, Miroku starts thinking about the future, and Inuyasha gets dragged along for the ride. New!

Every Ending is Also a Beginning - Kikyou is dead, Inuyasha is sealed, and Naraku is ready to claim his prize when a wandering monk sets his plans back fifty years.

Dark of Night - Late one night, a young woman and a forbidden child arrive at a temple, seeking shelter.

Retribution - A battle of wills has ended. Now, all that is left is for the victor to wrap up some loose ends.

Exile - The ruminations of a lonely soul in the aftermath of that infamous final battle yet-to-come.

He Likes Red - You know the drill - the final battle has come and gone and, with the jewel’s completion, Kagome has vanished back to her own time. Now, Inuyasha has found his way to her again. But, there has to be a twist…


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