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  • Pics Based on T-Bone Too

    The Face Within A sort of "cover art" for T-Bone Too. If it were a comic, this would definitely be the first cover.

    Callie My first attempt at Callie as she appears in the series. I never liked how they made her appear in A Bright and Shiny Future. She seemed... dumpy, I guess. And, vaguely pudgy in the face. I know age adds lines and sagging skin, but Callie just looked pudgy... which hardly befits a refugee who can't be eating well. So, this is my re-design. I was trying to imply age (though the series is only eight years beyond the regular SWAT Kat universe, stress and fatigue age one quickly), yet a more graceful aging.

    Early Razor An early sketch of Razor as he was when T-Bone first found him. The growth on his head is forever gone after From the Darkest Hour of the Night.....

    Jake A sad-faced, reflective Jake. More of a character design than anything else... as I realized that T-Bone Too was starting to get its own character designs.

  • Rebecca Mason:
  • THE Ugliest She-Kat You Have Ever Seen! - Rebecca did a comic scene from my T-Bone Too Outtakes. Viper goes "undercover" to hide from Felina... and scares everyone in viewing distance.

  • KS Claw:
  • Yet more T-Bone Too Outtake humor.

    Let's Paaaaaartaaaay! - Viper... roaring drunk and ready to party!

    Drunk - Viper... still roaring drunk and dancing! As Felina takes aim with her tranquilizer gun...

    Lookit Me, Ma! I Can Dance! - More drunken, dancing Viper fun!

  • Ambre Wisniewski:
  • Another Transformation Inspired by the original T-Bone Too. T-Bone's mutation takes on a new stage as he develops some rather Viper-like traits!

  • CBS:
  • Thirsty - A scene from From the Darkest Hour of the Night. T-Bone slacks his thirst with some rainwater shortly after waking up to find himself both sane and now in a parallel dimension.

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