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  • What's a SWAT Kat?

    So, who are these "SWAT Kats"? Are they still on television? Where can I buy the show's merchandise? Did it have merchandise? Where can I buy copies of the episodes? Where can I find more information?
    I don't begin to claim to have the answers to all things SWAT Kat... but I can answer the above to the best of my knowledge! Just look below!

    General Information on the Show and Its Characters

  • About This SWAT Kats Show... -- An explanation of the plot and characters of the show.
  • Excerpt from "Television Cartoon Shows: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, 1940-1993" -- SWAT Kats' entry from a cartoon encyclopedia. Includes a mildly scathing review of the show, but is well worth the read for its behind-the-scenes information.
  • Toon Magazine Article -- Presented as a counterpoint to the previous review, a highly favorable review of SWAT Kats, written after the airing of both seasons. Contributed by Ambre Wisniewski and Felonykat.
  • Information from an AOL Posting -- I found this years ago tucked away in some sort of files/downloads section placed with an AOL message board for SWAT Kats. I don't know where it came from or who wrote it. But, it presents some interesting, if only debatedly canon, information. Should anyone know the originator of this so that I can give them credit, please contact me.
  • SWAT Kats Stuff

  • The Product Line -- A listing of the SWAT Kats merchandise that was produced complete with as many images as I could scan from my own collection or otherwise acquire.


    For Further Information...


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