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    City Skyline

    MegaKat City:
    Home to millions of kats and continually under attack from those who wish to control such a metropolis... as well as those who wish to destroy it in order to realize their own twisted dreams.
    Kicked out of MegaKat City's paramilitary defense force for an accident that wasn't their fault two young fighter jocks, Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, chose to continue to uphold the vow they had taken. The Enforcers may have lost this awesome team, but MegaKat City didn't - it gained one incredible "SWAT Team".

    The Salvage YardHome Base: MegaKat City Salvage Yard
    After their discharge from the Enforcers, Chance and Jake found themselves with a multi-million dollar debt to pay and a new job running the city's metal salvage yard. But, a military salvage yard has plenty of equipment should you want to build your own jet, and who's going to look for an underground hangar in a salvage yard?

    T-Bone aka Chance Furlong

    T-Bone aka Chance Furlong
    Daredevil topgun T-Bone is the pilot of the SWAT Kat team. This big tabby lives for speed and thrills. Never one for too much modesty, T-Bone is probably one of the greatest pilots MegaKat City will ever see and wouldn't mind if everyone knew it. In his element rocketing across the skies at super-sonic speeds, T-Bone also relishes his downtime and a good eighteen hour marathon of his favorite cartoon, "Scaredy Kat."
    Tiger-striped fur wrapping a burly frame, T-Bone is the obvious muscle of the SWAT Kat team but hardly your typical cartoon muscles-for-brains lumbering buffoon. Like most of us, he hasn't Razor's genius for building weaponry from scrap metal, but he's more than capable with any of the SWAT Kat arsenal. Just be warned - his aim is a little off, so he might resort to overkill.
    Though hotheaded T-Bone usually reserves his full fury for the bad kats and is fairly easygoing... just don't mess with his jet or get between him and an episode of "Scaredy Kat." Despite the macho, tough guy image T-Bone likes to display, he's got that stereotypical heart of gold. (But then, what else should a hero have?)

    Razor aka Jake Clawson

    Razor aka Jake Clawson
    Razor is the weapons system officer of the SWAT Kat team. Not only is this slim orange kat a crack shot and the kat behind dispatching the TurboKat's incredible array of gadgets and weapons, he's also the designer behind not only the weapons, but the TurboKat itself. The calmer of the two, Razor's constant cool is the balance for T-Bone's less restrained ideas. It falls to him to keep the burly pilot in line when needed.
    And, if you thought SWAT Kats was going to start with the cartoon stereotypes here, forget it! Yes, Razor is something of an inventor and certainly smaller than the broad-shouldered T-Bone, perhaps even a tad smaller than your average kat, but the little guy's no wimpy nerd. Razor's fast, agile moves and powerful kicks can take out the biggest villains MegaKat City has to offer! And, his quiet personality and sweet face have slayed half a fandom!

    The Supporting Characters
    The SWAT Kats get help from some friends and unending irritation from certain others on the side of good.

    City Hall

    City Hall:
    Presumably, the nerve center of MegaKat City. At least, every would-be world conqueror seems to believe it's his key to the top. Here Mayor Manx practices his putt and fills the position of Mayor. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs does the real work.

    Mayor Manx
    At the time of the show's first season, Manx had been mayor for ten terms. Exactly how he got re-elected so many times is not known. Leaving the bulk of his mayorial duties to Callie Briggs, Manx spends his days either out on the green or practicing his putt in his office. He does seem to enjoy his public appearances, however, coming off the green to work the voters and read the speeches Callie so carefully writes for him.

    Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs
    Calico "Callie" Briggs is probably the SWAT Kats' closest friend. She knows both the crimefighting T-Bone and Razor and the mechanics, Chance and Jake, though she remains unaware that they are one and the same. Callie uses a special communicator to call the SWAT Kats when there's trouble.
    Not one for combat like the headstrong Lt. Felina Feral, Callie's nevertheless one tough she-kat. She stands firm by what she believes in, and any crook who thinks they're going to get off easy by bribing City Hall hasn't meet Callie. When push comes to shove, don't turn your back on the lovely Deputy Mayor. She's saved each SWAT Kat's life with a timely rescue or two of her own.

    Enforcer Headquarters:
    From here the paramilitary force that defends MegaKat City is dispatched. Though on the same side, the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers don't exactly see eye to eye.

    Commander Ulysses Feral
    Probably one of the SWAT Kats least favorite people after the supervillains they battle daily, Commander Feral has no love for vigilantes. Still, even T-Bone must admit that Feral is one of the good guys. Feral is a gruff, no nonsense leader who is dedicated to protecting MegaKat City. His sole soft spot seems to be reserved for his niece, Felina.

    Lt. Felina Feral
    Unlike her uncle, Felina doesn't mind the SWAT Kats lending the Enforcers a hand and has personally worked with them on several missions. One wonders if she might not envy these heroes who get to do things their way. Felina is headstrong and perhaps a touch rebellious, declaring on at least one occasion that she doesn't take "No" for an answer.

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