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    Most of the fanfics I write can be found over at the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive.  However, here you get to see some of my works in progress and a few character-based shorts that feature my original characters.  I'll make notes where and if these tie into my archive fanfics.  Some do.  Some are merely alternate tales.

    T-Bone Too:

    This is set in an alternate world to my usual fanfics and is the product of a crazy idea of mine from years ago. What if you combined elements of Mutation City and A Bright and Shiny Future? This is my answer. Yes, it pre-dates my "Max idea" by several years.

    From the Darkest Hour of the Night: In a twisted future based on the episode A Bright and Shiny Future, the PastMaster needs help.  And, he's willing to summon his greatest enemies to help him... even if he must call a counterpart from another world. Complete

    To the Dawn's Earliest Light: - There are once again two SWAT Kats... and, with them, hope. Now, the two must deal with their own inner turmoils as well as conflicting factions among the refugees and the schemes of Molly Mange. Complete

  •  And now, based on T-Bone Too.. I give you... the outtakes! - What is it? A wacky scenario based in the fanfic setting made just for fun!
  •  Also based on T-Bone! - Images of, or based on the story or its outtakes.
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    Assorted Fics:

    Rendezvous: A "what if?" scenario based around a moment in the first season that I hope isn't too obscure. Weary in body and soul, T-Bone makes the nightly rendezvous he's kept for the past year.

    One Tiny Miracle Is All I Ask: Nearly a year after the fight with the ci-kat-as one SWAT Kat is about to give up... when the miracle he's waited for so patiently finally comes. An expanded version of Rendezvous.

    Salvage Operation: A week after the events of Katastrophe T-Bone and Razor set out to retrieve what's left of the TurboKat while lost in thoughts of what to do next.

    Safe Return: A "missing scene" fanfic for When Strikes Mutilor. Just what was going through Feral's mind when he thought his niece was dead?

    Discovery: Getting back in the air took a lot of work, but a lucky find made it just a bit more possible. Pre-series.

    Exploration: Chance and Jake go exploring in the depths of the MegaWar III hangar they discovered hidden underneath the city salvage yard. Pre-series. Continues "Discovery".

    Armored: If they were going to start a towing business, Chance and Jake needed a truck. And, no ordinary one would do. Pre-series. Continues after "Exploration".

    Uplifting: "It almost shook the place to pieces, but, yeah, it works," Chance agreed. Or how Chance and Jake continue their journey to becoming the SWAT Kats. Pre-series. Continues after "Armored".

    Delivery: One evening, Chance and Jake get a special delivery that makes all their growing plans that much more possible. Pre-series. Continues after "Uplifting".

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    Gift: He should have gotten a doll.
    Episode Reference: None

    Role Model: He wasn’t sure her mother ever quite forgave him.
    Episode Reference: None

    Bad Enough: Chance was tired of Mary Sue.
    Episode Reference: None

    Love Hurts: The only certainty he had was that, just in the last week, he had endured several fanfics worth of pain.
    Episode Reference: None

    Lingering: Dr. Sinian sighed in relief as she watched the remains of the Red Lynx's plane burn.
    Episode Reference: The Ghost Pilot

    Insulted: Dr. Viper learns to regret his choice of words.
    Episode Reference: None

    Blaze: "Then, let's go out in a blaze of glory."
    Episode Reference: None

    Literally: There's a reason Razor's new radar flung them across time and space.
    Episode Reference: Dark Side of the SWAT Kats

    Business: Mr. Young always finds business in MegaKat City worthwhile, one way or another.
    Episode Reference: None

    Never Old: Because it was what the SWAT Kats did, and it never got old.
    Episode Reference: None

    Leviathan: Giant creatures rampaging through downtown were just a part of life in MegaKat City.
    Episode Reference: None

    Excuses: Jake has stopped counting his excuses for SWAT Kat-related emergencies.
    Episode Reference: None

    Pay-off: Two years of hard work are finally about to pay off.
    Episode Reference: Pre-series

    Monster Movie Madness: "Is this revenge for something I did?"
    Episode Reference: None

    Time: In the darkness, he knew nothing but time.
    Episode Reference: The PastMaster Always Rings Twice

    Campaign: Eleven terms in office, and the idiot still hadn't caught on.
    Episode Reference: The Ghost Pilot

    Nomenclature, Part 1: The soon-to-be SWAT Kats' brainstorm on a name for their new jet.
    Episode Reference: Pre-series

    Nomenclature, Part 2: Other early attempts at naming their gear didn't always go smoothly.
    Episode Reference: Pre-series

    Non-Answer: When it's always another day, another maniac, you've gotta taken your fun where you can.
    Episode Reference: None

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    Personal Character-based Fanfics:

    Well, I thought my character Max/Maxout needed a little explanation as I'm playing him in the RPG these days. That and a friend asked for a further explanation of him. So, he gets a little fanfic slot here.  Here are a few short fanfics I did to give you some info on him. These take place roughly fifteen years beyond my current fanfic series, which is over at the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive under the name "Kristen Sharpe" of course.

    For a detailed bio on Max, go here.

    My Glimpses Beyond series:

    Getting Out: Years have come and gone since we last met the SWAT Kats. They've fought many battles, but now T-Bone finds himself facing a new challenge - raising a most unusual son.

    Give Me My Wings: It's some years after Max's night out and an unconscious Razor finds himself reflecting on a few years gone by when he helped a young kat find his wings even as he wonders when his own son will find his. (One day I will re-write this. It was never my finest work, and I'm starting to cringe when I think of it.)

    Carrie's Psalm: Carrie has a reflective moment based around the 23rd Psalm from the Bible. This began as a writing experiment in class. Contains spoilers for the Technical Difficulties series, and you should read the note at its opening.

    My Redheaded Counterpart Kristen Sharpe:

    Yes, at last, she gets to make a true appearance.  Nothing big, just a couple of short 'fics that were lying around on my hard drive.  The first is the original introduction I submitted to the SK AOL RPG shortly after joining Katsfandom.  It introduces Kristen and is actually where I began to create her character.

    For a detailed bio on Kris, go here.

    Congrats, Your New Partner is a Space Case: Felina is assigned a most unusual, most ditzy weapons officer.

    I Could Not Stop For Death, So Death Took Me Out for Donuts: Kristen Sharpe meets Death.  Somehow this doesn't look like the Grim Reaper.....

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    [Go to my Non-SK Fanfiction]

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