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  • News - March 13, 2021:

    I took down the Christmas art and have done a lot of little programming corrections. Sorry. No new content, just backend cleanup.

    My Other Sites:

    The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive: Last updated 4/5/20.

    The SWAT Kats Fan Art Archive: Last updated 3/1/21.

    Gone to the Dogs: Last updated 1/3/21. My Inuyasha fansite. It houses my Inuyasha fanart, fanfics, some icons, a few wallpapers and links. Since the majority of Fyresight's webspace is devoted to the SWAT Kat fandom it seemed only fitting that the small corner alloted to my favorite dog demon be going to the dogs.

    Just an Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie FMA Page: Last updated: 12/28/20. My Fullmetal Alchemist fansite. There's fanfiction, fanart, icons, and a couple of wallpapers. And now, all my favorites have their own sites.

    What in the Blue Blazes?!: Last updated: 12/29/20. My Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist fansite where I have fanart, fanfics, and icons. What? Yes, I apparently like cute monster boys. And, you have no idea how long I'd been wanting to use that "blue blazes" title.

    Spray Baptist Church: The homepage for my church, which I currently maintain. Updated once or twice a week.

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