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    Just the characters you know from the show in a variety of situations and fiascos!

    Finished Color Works:

    Felina smirking Chance smiles for the camera Callie in a hoodie A pair of SWAT pumpkins

    Dark Razor's inner turmoil Callie takes a walk in the park Jake goes to the beach. Now, Jake tries out a new look Chance tries out a new look

    Callie as a mermaid Just a sketch of the PastMaster The Turbokat carved into a pumpkin Jake makes himself comfortable on Chance's shoulders Forget Callista Pastie has found an even more ravishing she-kat to pursue

    Callie out on a rainy day Jake drags Chance away from a suspicious substance invading the garage Jakeout in a snowstorm T-Bone cracking his knuckles It's been a loooong day at the office for Callie

    Razor gives the viewer a thumbs up Razor corners Dark Kat in an old factory T-Bone delivers a punch to the viewer Jake in his gi T-Bone finds Viper hiding as a potted plant

    An overly cutely designed Command Feral Overly cute versions of the SWAT Kats Chance faces off against Burke T-Bone and Razor take on Dark Kat A close-up of Dr. Viper's snakey face

    Black and White/Pencil Drawings:

    Feral dressed as a SWAT Kat T-Bone and Razor strike a pose Jake trying to headlock Chance Felina searches through the sewars Callie in a more realistic style

    I want to hear an apology, young kat! After a long, disastrous fight, a battletorn Razor finds Callie to apologize... for the SWAT Kats' failure. A line drawing of the hangar I did for class. I had to use an unusual angle to meet my class requirements. The Dark SWAT Kats have captured Razor. Mayor Manx asked Callie to come in on her day off one time too many...

    Rough Sketches:

    T-Bone runs to battle T-Bone captures a luckless thug Razor ready to pounce Razor searching Chance has a close encounter with a hammer

    Callie from behind Callie sitting by a fountain Turmoil being arrested Felina readying herself to fight Felina dragging an unconscious thug

    Dark Razor glares at you A future Callie Christmas image

    Sprite Cards:
    These "cards" are all based on original card art that I modified into SWAT Kat versions.

    A card of T-Bone with his fists up A card of Razor smirking A card of Callie looking startled A card of Felina in workout clothes giving a thumbs up A card of Feral in a fight A card of Callista holding up a crystal ball A card of Mad Kat dangling a puppet Litterbin by strings

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    Note: The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 1995. All artwork on this page is the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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    Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 1995. All other characters and material within this page are the property of either myself, Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos, or their respective creators.