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    I Think You Should Look at This... Sypher holding a disk. Wonder what vital information it contains... He looks so solemn... Maybe it's the MBI's secret donut recipe!

    Max Flexes Max working out! Isn't he just downright cuddly and fluffy here?

    Gingerkats A belated Christmas present from Annu! Sypher enjoys some nummy gingerkats.


    The Real Me as a Kat! It's the real me, not my character, as a kat!


    Kris on Stix! Heh... Methinks I had one too many Pixie Stix this time... Can you have too many?

    Separated at Birth? Kris and Psyche, twins? Or not.

    Mel Baldwin
    --More of her art: in her Side7 Gallery.

    One Cool CyberKat Mel did another Sy in his MBI uniform! Yes, this is Sy's official uniform. My early drawings are based off my first idea for him, which I've since altered.

    Black Storm van Pendragon

    Check Out That Hair Storm's version of a cool-looking, long haired Max... Hmm... I wonder if his hair really would be that long out of the ponytail...

    He's a Mouse Again! Storm drew a second pic of Max as a Biker Mice from Mars style mouse. I like his coat/jacket thing. It's kewl. And, he looks rad in those boots.

    Kris Up Close A nice headshot of Kris.

    Yep, It's Me Girl Again Storm's second pic of Kris. She looks like she's walking and talking to herself. Wow... How'd Storm know I do that?!

    Now, Kris is a Mouse! And, she's pondering what to draw next. I like her BMFM-style antenna. I think they're cute on her.

    Ready for Action Storm and Max ready for a fight... with some wicked-looking blades. Max is a bit short here, but Storm really is nearly his height.

    Only in Your Dreams A really sweet pic of a young Kris and a unicorn. Drawn after Storm realized that The Last Unicorn was one of my favorite movies.

    Only in Your Dreams, Part 2 Kris and the unicorn lie down for a nap. This is a sweet pic!

    A Question of Height Max and Storm have a little "discussion" concerning which one of them is the tallest.

    And, We Have a Winner! Storm settles the issue by changing forms... Maxie, I don't think you can beat that... not even with your wings out.

    Oh No! They've Found Me! A really cute pic of Kris looking surprised as someone spots her. Heh, I love the little look on her face!

    Wink Yet another cute pic of Kris. This time she's Manga style in human form.

    Sypher Yeps, it's my Sy-sweetie! This is Storm's first pic of him, but he's looking nice, no?

    The Cast of.... An image that includes, left to right then down, Max, Storm's Blizzard, Storm herself and Kris. It reminded me of one of those, usually anime, promo arts you see where the entire cast, or most of it, is pictured. Is velly nice!

    Rough Fight Max blocks a punch from an unseen opponent. BlackStorm took a little artistic liberty (not a bad thing, mind you!) with Max this time. Hence his older, tougher, scarred look. Hmm.. Maybe it's one of those infamous alternate futures.

    Play Nice Max snarls angrily. I really love how BlackStorm handled his face here.

    Sheepish A sheepish-looking Sypher... complete with sweatdrop!

    Burst SK
    --More of his art: in his Side7 Gallery.

    Max Max as drawn by Burst. I love how Burst redid his hair here... Much more stylish! Kewl style overall actually.

    Chillin' Max just chilling... this time with his wings. Lemme tell ya'... he's looking cool.

    Cool Dude A headshot of Max, looking a tad smug.

    Into the Sky A really rad pic of Max silhouetted against the moon with his wings spread wide. I really love Burst's take on his wings here.

    KS Claw

    Click here to see the many, many pics she's done for me. So many I had to give them a separate page!

    Crash Clawson
    --His homepage: Crash's Room

    Seeker - The Great  Seek thinks he's quite cool....  Part one of a two-parter.

    Yeah, Right!  Kris begs to differ.

    "BearClawed"  Crash and Max find themselves drawn in the style of a favorite artist of Crash's, BearClaw.  The catch?  They're... uhm...  "unclothed."  No, this pic is not dirty.  They're drawn toony and there's nothing to see.  Think Bugs Bunny or something along those lines, okay?


     Non-Anthro Kris A non-anthropomorphic Kris as she would appear in the artist and her friend's Wolfpack stories.

    Dr. Pepper! The same Kris as above is hungrily eyeing her Dr. Pepper can. Heh, I do love my Dr. Pepper...

    It is Too Sacred! Kris and Cookie have a fight... Dr. Pepper, and Dr. Pepper alone, may hold the sacred place, I tell you!

    Hugz Wolfie's feeling affectionate today. Now, if Kris just wasn't getting strangled... Heh, Amanda(?) doesn't look too happy either.

    Soaking Your Brother Is FUN! Seeker's all wet! Bwa-ha-ha!!!! Seek drawn in Cookie's non-anthro style as well.

    Trick or Treat! It's Halloween! Fork over that candy or... we sick Nikkie and her pitchfork on ya'! Reading left to right - Kris (as a SWAT Kat with T-Bone's taste in suits), Cookie (as Batman from Batman Beyond, ie: Terry McGinnis), Wolfie (as a character from the game Wild ARMs 2), Jack (as an alien), and Nikkie (as the devil).

    Bundled Up  A Christmas-y pic of a Wolfpack-style Kris all bundled up against the cold.

    Cheese Danish
    --More of her art: on the SWAT Kats Fan Art Page

    Fierce  Max crouched on the edge of a rooftop... looking quite fierce.  Isn't it cool?!  I like the take she had on his wings!

    C.L. Furlong

    Reunited CL did a scene from mine and Sage's fanfic They That Walk in Darkness -- Dscent: Rebirth! The two former Dark SWAT Kats begin to re-form their friendship while in Alkatraz. This is a lovely, touching image.

    Reunited - Black and White Version The black and white version of the same image. I almost like this one better myself.

    Slyien Gentry

    Handsome Isn't Confined to One Species Slyien did a pic trade with me and, since she's a big Biker Mice fan, I asked her to do a normal Max (as in non-mutant) as a mouse. Still cute, no? The species change might make it a bit awkward when he gets home though... Oh well... Could be worse, y'know... He could have gotten a tattoo or something like that.

    --More of his art: on the SWAT Kats Fan Art Page and in his Side7 Gallery.

    Whoo! My Boy's a Hunk! Honest, that's what I said when I saw this picture! An awesome image of a twenty-something year old version of my character Max drawn after reading my fanfic "Give Me My Wings." Yeah, my version looks different, but who cares? I love this one!  ::pause::  No, Beth, roomie dear, I am not drooling!

    Dejected Again, Max from "Getting Out" or "Give Me My Wings" - likely at ten or twelve. Poor kid's a bit dejected here. But, it's also a great pic.

    Against the Sky Ian drew Kris too! She's apparently on top of Enforcer Headquarters... with a magnificent view of the city behind her!

    Just Loverly Have a mentioned that this guy was really good? Another pic of Kris by Ian. Lovely face. Wish I could do it that well. BTW, "loverly" is how someone I know used to say "lovely."

    Alicia If Ian keeps it up, I'll be absolutely pea green with envy... not that I'm opposed to that. Anyways, here's a beautiful picture of a serene Alicia. And, Ian beat even me to drawing Alicia's wings. So, here is the first image of her with her wings visible - they can be dissolved like Max's.

    Continue on to the remainder of the guest art:

    [Artists J-Z]

    BIIIIGGG thanks to these people for the wonderful pics!

    Lt. Kristen Sharpe, Max Furlong, Carrie Furlong, Ryan Clawson, Sypher, Static, Raze, and Alicia McFurland are the property of myself - Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos. The Seeker belongs to himself.  The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1995.  All other characters and all images are the property of their respective creators/artists and are used with permission. Do not borrow any work contained herein without first gaining permission from the original artist. I cannot grant you that permission.

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