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    My Earliest SWAT Kats
    All of this was drawn at sometime between 1994 and 1996.

    firstsks.jpg - My first SWAT Kats. The image referred to on the FAQ.

    firstcal.jpg - My first doodle of Callie Briggs. Think her glasses are thick enough?

    firstlina.jpg - My first fully finished Felina. Impish little thing.  It was years before I could draw Felina decently, and I still have trouble with her.  Yes, this was taken directly from the scene in "A Bright and Shiny Future" where she's sitting on the TurboKat's wing.

    hairdryer.jpg - "Stop!  Or I'll shoot myself with this hair dryer!"  A typically horrible pic of Felina.  Look at her blaster!  I tell you, it looks like a hair dryer...

    odarktb.jpg - One of my old "pause the vcr and draw straight from the show" pics.  This one of Dark T-Bone. Not a bad pic.  I may have to try that shading they used and I copied again sometime.

    Attack of the Killer Kudzu! - The SKs, Callie, and a buncha' vines. This took me forever to complete back when I first drew it. Because of that I'm sentimental about it, but my drawing abilities have improved a lot in the years since. (Prismacolor pencils - February '96)

    Archived Color Work

    The Kiss Callie gives T-Bone a thank-you peck on the cheek. (Prismacolor pencils - April '97)

    Rockin' an' Rollin' ! T-Bone does a little air guitar. One of my earliest marker pics, but one good enough to stay here. (Prismacolor markers - July '97)

    Aw, They Been Bad My attempt at a super-deformed pair of SWAT Kats - I probably could have done more with it, but they're cute anyway. Still, I do believe they're in trouble - you just don't look that innocent unless you're guilty! (Prismacolor pencils - September '98)

    A Look Any Tomkat Would Kill For Callie tosses a coquettish glance over her shoulder. (Prismacolor pencils - '98)

    That Ominous Glow T-Bone looks into the eerie glow of some form of portal. Methinks he doesn't want to go in there. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - August '99)

    Electric Hard Drive, looking all cocky, cool, and sparking with electricity. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - October '99)
    Original pencil drawing (with a Photoshop added title) here.

    What Kinda Test Is This?! An incensed Chance demands an answer... In no way inspired by my class's attitude to any art history tests... ;) Nopes, nopes. You know not.(Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - September '99)

    Whatever I Said... I Take It Back!!!!!!No, it's not Dark Razor - it's just Razor. But, boy is he ready for a fight. Methinks some creep (no, not T-Bone - Razor wouldn't give T-Bone a snarl like that for even the worst prank the big guy could devise) just crossed the line! That or, as Sage suggested, perhaps I inadvertently illustrated created an illustration for one of the most freaky scenes in the SWAT Kat fanfic T-Bone's Stakes by Simon Leet - when a poisoned Razor loses it and attacks T-Bone. (Photoshop coloring - January '00)
    The Black and White Version! Kinda cool in its own way... I may like it better than the colored one...

    What's Goin'On?! Something of a companion to the last pic... To go with a vicious Razor, an innocent Jake... (Photoshop coloring over a pencil drawing - '99)

    Lookin' Good I finally took my old, old b/w image of this and did a color version. Originally done with gals I knew in mind. Soooo... Here's a very buff Chance... He looks like he should be advertising jeans or something, no? (Photoshop coloring - final version completed in April '03) Here's the original version.

    The Weapons Officer Is In Jake posing in the hangar. Looks like he's been working as he's got his flight suit halfway open (not that far, folks, besides, he has a T-shirt and boxers under there) and his sleeves rolled up. Oh, what gadgets will he devise next? The background is mouse drawn... and not the best... (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - April '00)

    Okay, Are We Missing Pieces? T-Bone and Razor are working on a puzzle... a huge one. T-Bone eyes their last piece as Razor debates the situation. (Prismacolor markers with a background I did NOT do, merely borrowed - I'm sure you've seen it before amid other SWAT Kat promo arts. April '00)

    What... Did You Do to Me? Poor Jake... I attacked him with the powers of cuteness. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - April '00)

    Blink, Blink And, Chance. He just looks dazed. What happens when cuteness smacks you hard. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - May '00)

    "TeeHee!" "You Did NOT Just Do That!" Felina and Callie get in on the super-cuteness too. Poor Callie... She's gone... BLONDE!!! (and, IMHO, she's anything but the classic ditzy blonde). And, it's scaring Felina. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - June '00)

    I'm Cute, But Deadly Another super-cute Felina... But, this time, she's gotta giant bazooka!(Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background - July '00)

    Oh, the PossibilitesA cutefied Ann Gora pondering where to look for her next exclusive. In MegaKat City, she probably won't have to go far! (Prismacolor markers and pencils with Photoshop background - April '01)

    Barefoot Rock-Climbing!Razor poses in the promo ad for a new sport - barefoot rock-climbing! To participate yourself, just call 1-800-OMYFOOT. An older pic that Seek used to have on his site. It's based on a joke he and I created some years ago about if it ever hurt the SK's to run around barefoot all the time. (Prismacolor markers)

    The Things I Must Do....An upset Professor Hackle pushes the button to release the force field barrier behind him and unveil... perhaps a new weapon he regrets creating? Or an old one hidden until this hour of need? One of my better actual backgrounds done in the computer. (Photoshop coloring - August '00)

    Wasn't MeChance confronts Jake about this little "for sale" sign he found... Seems a certain set of somewhat used MegaWar II tapes were put up for sale... (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop editing - July '01)

    It's a Snow Callie! I saw an image someone did of a character (not a SWAT Kat one) as a snowman on Side7... So, I got to thinking what a SWAT Kat character would look like as a snowman. And, here's the result - a snow Callie! I want to do Chance and Jake now. (Photoshop and Painter Classic over a scanned quick sketch - January '02)

    Razor's Poster I originally did this as a class project that involved creating a CD design for a movie soundtrack. I decided to pretend SWAT Kats had a movie (wishful thinking) and I designed the CD pages so they would fold out into a poster. I meant to include T-Bone, but I simply ran out of time. And, this isn't the most exciting image... but I'll work on a better one with both SWAT Kats.... and a solo T-Bone poster too! (Assembled image - Prismacolor markers, pencils, and Photoshop - December '02)

    T-Bone the Red-Nosed SWAT Kat! My entry for the December 2002 MSKAC. The topic was "Merry Mutated Christmas." I'm not sure what T-Bone got into... Uhm... Katalyst X63(mas)? As to why he happens to be at the North Pole... I have no idea.... Kidnapped by near-sighted elves maybe? The background was kind of a spur of the moment idea after a lot of struggling with something more complicated. (Prismacolor markers and Photoshop - December '02)

    Troubling Thoughts Jake fretting over something... and wearing glasses. I was asked (a long, long time ago) to draw Jake with glasses, so here he is. ::sighs:: Now I wish I'd given him a more interesting pair of glasses, but I always had rather plain ones myself, so it didn't occur. (Prismacolor markers and Photoshop - April '03)

    iGlomped My contribution to the iPod fad. Razor and one of his ecstatic fangirls. (Photoshop over a rough sketch - December '03)

    On Patrol T-Bone checking out some sort of disturbance in the park. My apologies for the boring standing pose... and the background. I've toyed with the background on this one for a long time, and I still don't like it. The city looks like it's being bombed when I only intended for the light to be that ambient glow large cities have at night.(Prismacolor markers and Photoshop - April '04)

    Harmless Fun Chance puts on his best kitten eyes for the benefit of Jake's mother... whilst headlocking her woeful son. I've always thought Chance was probably a troublemaker as a child. An older sketch I finally pulled out and colored. (Prismacolor markers and pencils with Photoshop background - August '04)

    Archived Black and White/Pencil Work

    Go Away!Chance just doesn't do mornings. (pencil drawing - August '97)

    Fill-in Santa Somehow Callie got stuck with the job of getting a Santa for the MegaKat Mall. When the guy she found first backed out on her, she went to her favorite mechanics.... (quick pencil sketch - December '97)

    Cat-like - Chance and Jake done in a more cat-like style. Inspired by some early attempts of mine at "cat-like kats" and Sarah Combs' amazing artwork (available at the SWAT Kats Fan Art Page). (quick mechanical pencil sketches - April '98 and May '00 respectively)

    Getting Suited Up A worried-looking Chance, done in the same style as above (Well, more or less...), pulls on his flight suit. (pencil drawing - September '98)

    The Kat's Meow Okay, what is Felina doing in an evening gown and singing in a night club? Just a silly idea my roommate and I had - vaguely based on her wacky entry in my guestbook. I really hope to color this one soon... (pencil drawing - September '98)

    Pphhhbbbtttt!!!!! Chance... Yes, this guy is part of MegaKat City's most effective line of defense, folks. (pencil drawing - November '98)

    In His Darkest Dreams, He is the Enemy My second MSKAC entry. The theme was nightmares,... so here's Razor's worst nightmare... It's a bit depressing, but it seems to have gone over well in the contest ;) Thanks for the votes, Kats!! (pencil drawing - December '98)

    Looking for a Likely Victim Chance is fresh from the shower and smelling all squeaky clean... and looking for a likely target to use his towel on... Debatedly, this should have been a "Light Side" pic... (pencil drawing - March '99)

    Now Who's the Victim? Sequel to Looking for a Likely Victim. Chance may have a wet towel, but so does Jake and he's ready to fight back. (pencil drawing - April '99)

    Incidentally, the "Boys without shirts" pics here were a requested series.

    Picture of Innocence As requested by Rebecca Mason, it's Chance and Jake as kittens. This one has multiple possible captions: "A cherry bomb, Mrs. Clawson? We don't know anything about a cherry bomb, do we Jake?" or "Hurt Jake here, Mrs. Clawson? He's like a brother to me!" (pencil drawing - July '99)

    Baby Dark Kat It's Dark Kat as a little baby kitten... He may look cute now, but give him a few years. Klawz suggested an image that hinted more at his evil future - one I must try, but for now, he's all cuteness. (pencil drawing - July '99)

    Bright Child... Hard Drive as a kitten. He was a bright child, a very bright child... blinding even... for about a half second after he stuck that fork into the wall outlet... (pencil drawing - August '99)

    SWAT Kittens! A furtherance of my "kittens series." Twelve and ten year old (respectively) T-Bone and Razor pose in their adult-sized SWAT Kat uniforms. (pencil drawing - September '99)

    Lookit What Just Hatched! It's baby Dr. Viper just hatching from his egg! Yeah, yeah, I know he was born a normal kat, but this is cuter... Based on Seek's idea - "Just draw an egg." (pencil drawing - October '99)

    Smiling in the Rain A young Callie all bundled up in her raincoat. (pencil drawing - November '99)

    Fine. I'm Not Speaking to You Felina around ten or twelve. Methinks someone just told her "no"... and, we all know she hates that or a parent just gave her the "And, that's final!" bit. Either way, she's not happy. (pencil drawing - November '99)

    Vroom! Vroom! Little Feral plays with his toy tank. Heh... See? He always wanted to be the Commander! (pencil drawing - March '00)

    Well, This Doesn't Bode Well for the Time Stream A baby PastMaster eyes you those huge baby greens - or yellows depending on what color you think that one eye of his is - and chews contentedly on his watch. Let's hope he doesn't bite too hard! (pencil drawing - March '00)

    Field TripA young Abbey (Abi?) Sinian visits the museum and checks out the Megasaurus Rex model... Bet she never imagined she'd see a real one someday! (pencil drawing - April '01)

    The Young DoctorA kitten pic I never really meant to do, but it just happened. It's a kitten version of Dr. Zyme! Well, more or less. (quick mechanical pencil sketch - May '02)

    That's It, Young Man....Dark Kat's done it this time... and now he's getting grounded. Not an official pic. Actually, KS Claw requested it ages ago... Sorry, KS! (mechanical pencil drawing - October '01)

    Now, What's He Doing? Razor, crouched down to examine something on the ground, finds himself looking back over his shoulder. Is T-Bone in trouble? Has someone else met up with T-Bone and they're in trouble? Your guess is as good as mine. (pencil drawing - October '99)

    Razor Has Arrived! Razor, apparently just landing from a jump. Methinks some villain should worry judging by that smirk on his face. (pencil drawing - October '99)

    When You Look Your Worst.... A proposed MSKAC entry that never made it to the contest. Jake finds Chance in the midst of an embarrassing moment... Well, the big guy's dancing rather well. It's just that his dance partner, who he was about to lay a big sloppy kiss upon, is a... broom? (pencil drawing - December '99)

    The SWAT Kat Gang T-Bone, Razor (both sans masks just because), Callie, and Felina done in an experimental style... I'm sure it looks like another fan artist's style, but who I don't know. I like it though. (mechanical pencil drawing - January '00)

    Same Face, Many FacesCallie done in my three main styles. Left to right - super-cute, normal, and, on the bottom, my anime-inspired... whatever it is. (mechanical pencil drawing - June '00)

    Jaaaake..... "Jake, you aren't making any new, weird modifications to the TurboKat, are you?" "Huh? Uhm...." Jake/Razor's face is a bit odd... But, I liked it in some ways. His pointy cheekfur is just hard to get in profile. (pencil drawing - September '00)

    "Styling" A slightly anime-esque Felina. Not much to say beyond I'm very, very pleased with it. (Photoshop enhanced pencil drawing - November '00)

    Yet Another New LookYet another Chance in a different style... and looking cool. I don't know why he seems to come easier to me in different styles than Jake. (mechanical pencil sketch - August '01)

    Today's HeadlineCallie picked up the morning paper.... and it had a most unusual headline... one she thought Commander Feral should see... (mechanical pencil drawing - September '01)

    Captive Razor captured and tied to a chair in a darkened room. Well, if they mean to interrogate him or not, he's not waiting to find out. Actually, he appears to be in the middle of contorting his way out of those ropes. Gotta watch those felines - they're flexible. (pencil drawing with Photoshop elements - February '02)

    "For me?"And, now here's a pic for you Jake/Callie fans out there. Jake offers Callie a rose. It's a bit sappy, but I still thought it was cute... even though I can't see Jake and Callie together. For the curious, Callie's glasses are in her other hand behind her back... because I said so. (mechanical pencil drawing - July '02)

    Note: All fanfic or RPG characters who might appear on this page are the property of their respective creators and/or players. The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1995. All artwork on this page is the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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