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    Sites grouped by categories. The categories available, in descending order, are:

    General/All-Purpose Sites * Fanfiction * Message Boards and Forums * Webrings * Assorted Fan Sites * RPG-Centered Pages * SWAT Kat-Related Pages.

    General/All-Purpose Sites

    The Swat Kats Encyclopedia - The site to visit if you're looking for information on SWAT Kats, whether it's episode content, character data or the latest on what's going on in the fandom. It offers detailed information on every character, location, vehicle or weapon in the show as well as episode synopses and transcripts, and some fascinating exclusives like interviews with scriptwriter Lance Falk. It's an absolute must-see!

    The SK Zone - Formerly Strike's SWAT Kat Zone. Now, running under new management. Archived here you'll find information, model sheets, promo images, rough character drawings, screengrabs, sound clips, video clips, and some fun SWAT Kat-themed games.

    The SWAT Kats Fan Art Page - A large archive of SWAT Kats fanart. The site is still active and accepting new submissions. There are a few rules you should read, but the site is not member-based and has an open submission policy.

    SWAT Kats.us - An informative site with a description of the show and its characters as well as an active forum.

    Dark Kat's Doomsday Page - Everything you ever wanted to know about Dark Kat but were afraid he might tell you in gory detail. Includes general info on who he is and what he does, info on Dark Kat's voice artist, links, fanart and some sound clips.


    The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive - Created by DJ Clawson in 1996, the Archive is one of the oldest collections of SWAT Kat fanfiction on the net. And, it's still running and still accepting submissions.

    SWAT Kats Fanfiction on Fanfiction.net - And, for even more SWAT Kat fanfiction, visit Fanfiction.net. Some Archive authors cross-post here, but there are plenty of authors and stories you won't find on the Archive as well.

    Message Boards and Forums

    Megakat City - A new SWAT Kat forum that hosts series discussion, fanwork postings, and even some contests/challenges. Also, as an extension of The Swat Kats Encyclopedia, this forum is the place to check if you're looking for reliable news and information.

    SWAT Kats.us Forum - An active forum to meet other fans and discuss the show we all love. Give it a look!

    SWAT Kats Community on LiveJournal - There is a SWAT Kats LiveJournal community for those who would be interested in joining.

    The SWAT Kats Hangar - A SWAT Kats club on Yahoo. It's largely abandoned, but you can still read old conversations.


    The SWAT Kats Webring Homepage - Here's where to go to join the original SWAT Kats webring!

    Assorted Fan Sites (no longer updated)

    The Kat Krew - Has some SK goodies, some fanart and fanfic.

    Kattalina's SWAT Kat Museum - Has images, sound files, links, an almost complete list of episode summaries, an incomplete as yet list of gadgets, and character bios (mind, the bios seem to be partially based on fanfics, not entirely on the show). Not all links are working.

    Crash's Room - Has some RA files, links, a listing of the Kats on ICQ, info on the creator, his art, and some of his other interests.

    Giant's SWAT Kat Universe - Has her fanfic, fanart (by herself and other artists), some silly SK jokes and sounds, and links. Check it out!

    Deltahawk's Website - is mainly centered around a SWAT Kats/StarCraft crossover. Contains fanfics, links, and some original artwork!

    Razor's Edge - Chrome's site dedicated to SWAT Kats and StarCraft. Has crossover fanfics and some fanart.

    Klawz' SWAT Kats Devotional - Sadly, another older page that now has a lot of broken links. Still has character information and some of her thoughts on the show. Not likely to be updated again. But, you can still find her awesome artwork! For starters, check her Side 7 and deviantART galleries.

    Ricochet's Secret Base - Devoted to her various interests, primarily SWAT Kats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the fanfics she's written for both. Has fanfic, info, misc SK stuff, misc Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, and links. Some of the links may be funny... But, I think you can find or read everything easy enough!

    AkaneKitty's Domain - A forum devoted to AkaneKitty's numerous fanfic series and characters.

    RPG-Centered Pages
    Largely based on the SWAT Kats on-line role-playing games... But, some do have general SK info, images, and whatnot.

    The MBI/SK RPG - Discontinued, site and information still available. Based in part on the fanfics of Sage SK, an RPG that combines elements of her series with the show to use her MegaKat Bureau of Investigation as a base of operations for the continuing fight against MegaKat City's supervillains. IRC-based.

    SWAT Kat-Related Pages

    SWAT Kats on Wikipedia - Wikipedia's entry for SWAT Kats. Just some very basic information on the show. (Note that anyone can edit a Wikipedia entry as they please, so sometimes inaccurate or just plain bizarre comments may appear before the entry is corrected.)

    SWAT Kats on IMDB - The Internet Movie Database entry for SWAT Kats. Provides a nice list of the series' cast and other staff with links to a filmography page for most everyone listed.

    Behind the Voice Actors - Ever wondered what the actors behind the SK cast looked like? Here's a quick overview of the main cast and their voice actors. Of course, for more, check the above link to IMDB.

    RVG Fanatic - A site devoted to SNES games with an excellent, detailed review of the SWAT Kat game. The review itself is here.

    Class A Felony - Formerly A-Chan, Felony Kat has some very spiffy SK artwork based around the canon characters and her personal RPG characters. She's got some nice stuff - check it out!

    FunTrivia - SWAT Kats - Just a 15 question quiz to test your SWAT Kat knowledge.

    SWAT KATS according to Wingnut - has a basic listing of the episodes and voice actors. (Although, I believe it is inaccurate to list "Succubus" as an episode. To the best of my knowledge, this episode never aired and never finished production. Also, it's official title was "The Curse of Kataluna".)

    Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron - Pazsaz Entertainment Network - Yet another listing of actors and episodes, this time including the episodes' original airdates for the curious. (This site also inaccurately includes an episode titled "Succubus".)

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