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    Well, just to prove to everyone that I am capable of something besides SWAT Kats and Inuyasha, here's some of my miscellaneous sketches, school projects, non-kat characters I've drawn, and whatnot. Now, don't expect this page to grow by leaps and bounds or anything. Oldest images listed first.

    Finished Work

    Lookit That Face A sad little panda done for one of my first Illustration projects. I did several actually, but this was my favorite. I want a stuffed panda now... (Prismacolor markers)

    Kit Kat This is an old image that I recently found again. In my last advertising design class, we had to create a mascot for an existing product that did not already use one. This was one of my early concepts - a cat mascot for Kit Kat candy bars. (Prismacolor markers)

    Cricket A realistic pencil rendering of a cricket. Done for my 2D Design class. Just a cricket and all, but I really like it. Probaby because I rarely do a realistic anything. (pencil drawing)

    Stylized Cricket The same cricket as above, this time rendered using only type in various fonts. (Photoshop)

    The Lighthouse A lighthouse I drew for perspective practice in my Comic Book Illustration class. There are parts of it I really like and parts of it that need some manner of adjustment I can't quite put my finger on... but it was worth posting.(pencil drawing)

    Sea Spirit, Updated  I tell you, I saw this image in the marbled pattern on my shower wall (I see faces in lots of swirling patterns and leaves, actually)... and I can't quite explain it. A sea spirit of some kind appears to help a shipwrecked castaway. Minor Warning: The sea figure is formed from the waves and does appear to be a naked woman... but I don't believe it's especially risque. Being made of water and not terribly defined, there's nothing to see. If you've seen Disney's Fantasia, you can certainly see this.
    This is an older image that I may redo someday. The figures need work, and a lot of detail in the spirit's face was lost while painting. Any suggestions are welcome.(goauche painting)
    Click here to view the original test image. (Prismacolor markers)

    The Black Stallion My first finished assignment for my Intermediate Illustration class. The actual size is much larger than my scanner's bed, so this was scanned in 8 pieces and reassembled in Photoshop. Anyways, as the title says, it's a cover concept for Walter Farley's novel "The Black Stallion." I do love some of the covers I've seen over the years. But, they all just picture The Black... and, while I simply love some of those images, I wanted to try to capture the idea that the book is part adventure story. At any rate, I like The Black, but I think the background needs work yet. Aiy... Always happens with older images. "The Black Stallion" and associated characters copyright to Walter Farley. (goauche painting)

    Heya! *tug* Whatcha Doin'? Done for Jessica Ratte, it's Mitch Logan and his sister Dakota. Heh, I know if my brother had a tail it would be how I always got his attention.... and how I annoyed him... and how I stopped him when he started off somewhere without listening to me... and.... Mitch and Dakota Logan are copyright to Jessica Ratte. (Prismacolor pencils)

    The Alphabet Animals Another illustration project from Intermediate Illustration. It was supposed to be like a page from a children's alphabet book, as you might guess. This is one that I still like pretty good. (Prismacolor pencils)

    Alone Just a little scene I doodled up in Photoshop. Mainly done to practice with different brushes and my Wacom tablet.(Photoshop)

    Buster A picture I did for my bosses of their beagle, Buster.(Prismacolor pencils)

    Sketches, Studies, and Rough Pencil Work

     Graden, Lord of the Cliffs of Katarran Graden, king of the dragons, from a story I'm working on.

    Donatello I haven't drawn a Turtle in... years... several. But, someone asked what my Turtles looked like since I mentioned liking them, so I whipped out this sketch of Donatello! Donatello is copyright to Mirage Studios. (pencil drawing)

    Amelia Earhart? Not exactly. Our model for Commercial Figure Drawing dressed up in an Amelia Earhart-esque get-up on another student's request. I thought it was interesting, so I did this sketch of her... without the face. I added the face on a whim, so it looks nothing like the model. But, I thought it was cute.(pencil drawing)

    Leopard Sketch A quick sketch of a leopard.(Aquarelle pencils)

    Silhouette A silhouette-ish image of a wolf. Done at random. I thought it looked kinda interesting. (gouache on Canson paper)

    Beady Eyes A bird sketch done for Illustration Techniques class.(goauche and white pencil)

    Nuthatch A second bird sketch. Probably my favorite of those I did.(goauche and white pencil)

    Fishing A fishing bird done later and in a slightly different style as the teacher kept urging us to use the technique for quick sketches. (goauche and white pencil)

    Other Fandoms

    I also enjoy several anime and have sites devoted to my art and fanfiction for them:

  • Gone to the Dogs - My Inuyasha fansite for my fanart, fanfics, icons, and wallpapers of the series.
  • What in the Blue Blazes?! - My Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist fansite where I have fanart, fanfics, and icons.
  • Just An Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weenie FMA Page - My Fullmetal Alchemist fansite. As usual, it hosts my fanart, fanfics, and icons.
  • All unmarked characters and whatnot represented on this page are the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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