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    This is a collection of older pics I drew based on SWAT Kat fanfics I read that, for whatever reason, got me into a drawing mood. A few were done on request, but the choice of scene was usually mine. Most of the stories mentioned here can be found on The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive, though some have been removed at the author's request over the years. Newer work will be toward the bottom, but almost everything here is over a decade old.

    Fade and Close Inspired by the final scene of Kage's Of Legends Lost and Heroes Reborn. It just sorta stuck in my head until I drew it. The title is a reference to the fact that, with Kage's script-like writing style, I viewed the ending as the end of play - Jake and Kage spotlighted...then, the light fades and the curtain closes. Very, very old. But, I still like Jake's expression... a lot.

    Klawz and the Phoenix A cropped and colored version of my first Klawz pic (Available on my Archive page) with the addition of Klawz' jet, the Phoenix, and my first successful addition to a pic with Adobe Photoshop! (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background and effects)

    Star, Artist, Vigilante,... Actress A second drawing of Katareena Perkins in her many personas. Actually, I wasn't too happy with the first one - I was concentrating so hard on character design that I sorta neglected putting her in an interesting pose.

    Huh? Inspired by DJ Clawson's Children of the Stone. Chance has a run-in with his many times great-grandfather, the gargoyle Charon.

    Transformation Another inspiration from Children of the Stone. T-Bone metamorphoses into a gargoyle...and it looks kinda painful! Thanks to my friend for being the "art model", as she calls it (She did so good doubling over and clutching her stomach! Something I really can't do myself and draw it at the same time. ).

    Battle's End And yes, yet another COTS series inspiration! From the end of DJ Clawson's Awakenings. The tired victor of his duel with the sorceror Abadon, Jake orders the evil immortal from his world. This one was actually drawn at the same time as the others, but I left it unfinished for a year and basically forgot about it. As I thought it was still interesting, here it is.

    Aw Rats!! Inspired by Jennifer's Sketch of a Jewel. A terrified Jennifer leaps into the arms of an extremely embarrassed Jake to escape "the biggest rat she's ever seen".

    Awwww... Inspired by Jennifer's Old Acquaintances. T-Bone and Juliana/Jewel make a cute couple. Doesn't T-Bone just look like a giant stuffed animal? I love how that came out.

    A Moment's Pause Inspired by (but not exactly a scene from) Mark Johnson's True Colours. Formerly human test pilot Tim Hunt pauses, ID tags in hand, as he prepares to throw away the last traces of his former identity.

    Shadows I sort of broke off in the midst of reading Javie Patag's Basic Works to draw this mega-quick sketch (it probably only took about fifteen minutes tops) because the moment I was reading was just so powerful... or picturesque... or something. Chance stands veiled in shadow eyeing the limp remains of his punching bag... wishing it was something... someone else.

    A Commendation Upon finishing Basic Works the author inspired me again. Felina watches after a rapidly vanishing TurboKat through the window of her hospital room, clutching one of the roses she has just received in a sweet, surprising gesture.

    Fatherly Love Based on (But definitely not a scene from!) AJ Siytangco's Future Shock. It would seem Chance is rather suspicious of any tomkat casting a glance in the direction of the young she-kat he and Jake have been caring for.... ::ducks and covers:: Now, AJ, it's your turn to hold off on your "renowned right hook"!

    Grid The Kat Kommando Grid from Harley Quinn's The Comic Book with her trademark pulse cannon.

    "...or the Needs of the One" This one's a little... rough I guess. Inspired by Pen's Choices Part 2: The Search and the Rescue. T-Bone holds a bloody, beaten Razor in his arms and lets the tears fall at last. As I said, Razor looks a bit rough, but there's no obvious blood or gore.

    What Can Be Said? From Pen's Choices Part 3: The Effects and Repercussions. A ragged, sleep-deprived T-Bone awkwardly attempts a one-sided conversation with his comatose partner, praying Razor will hear and come back to him. Drawn while listening to "One Family," track 13 on the soundtrack to Disney's Tarzan. Trust me, it fits.

    Darkling's Gaze Werewolf she-kat Raksha from Raksha Part 1 treats you to a piercing glance.

    Felica McFurry Felicia McFurry from the Saga of Felicia McFurry (its under Multiple Authors)by Felicia, Ace, and Isis Scar. Felicia as an Enforcer stands at the front with the shadow of her past with Turmoil looming behind her.

    Jenson McFurry Jenson McFurry, again from the Saga of Felicia McFurry. Jenson stands perched on the steps leading up to Enforcer Headquarters (and his future, if one wishes to get symbolic) in the shadow of his superior, Commander Feral.

    When There's Nothing You Can Do... Again from the Saga of Felicia McFurry. A grief and horror-stricken Felicia watches the destruction of the building in which her parents work from the TurboKat as Razor holds her tight, wishing there were something he could have done.

    Waking From the Nightmare A year has passed and the death of her parents still haunts Felicia McFurry as she awakens from yet another nightmare, screaming and clutching the locket Razor gave her. A scene from A New Life in a New World.

    Not Ever Again A scene from Felicia McFurry's The Fatal Mistake, chapter five of the Felicia McFurry Saga. Donning a vigilante's mask, Felicia McFurry vows that, if there is any way in her power to stop them, Dark Kat and Turmoil will never take away someone she loves again.

    He's Mine! Inspired by, not quite accurate to, Kari Gilmore's addition to the Felicia McFurry Saga, Ricochet Meets Quiver. Two she-kats from two different universes fight it out over just who gets the only Razor present even as he tries to break up the impending fight!

    Please Don't Leave Me... From the final chapter of the Felicia McFurry Saga. Razor clings to Felicia, who, in her guise as Ricochet, saved his life by intercepting the bullet meant to kill him... pleading with her to live... and swearing to never let her go again. It's a bloodless interpretation of the scene, but that seemed to work better.

    Chillin' Crash Clawson, Jake's younger brother, just chilling. The character is from Crash Furley's fanfic, SWAT Kats: The New Breed .

    Adam Again, from SWAT Kats: The New Breed. This time it's Crash's buddy, Adam - based on a picture of the real Adam.

    Peeeee-yeeeew! Chance discovers that Crash's socks put off quite an odor! Based on no particular fanfic scene, but again related to Crash Furley's series.

    She's More Than Just a Reporter Now An old image that was never posted for some reason. It's Ann Gora as she appears in Kari Gilmore's fanfics as the vigilante Shera. (pencil drawing)

    Wonderment From Streak's Unexpected Surprise Part 4. Chance looks tenderly and wonderingly (at least, that was my attempt - the expression is a very subtle one to capture) at his newborn daughter, Tiger Lily.

    Waiting Chance and Jake waiting more or less patiently for Callie and Jake's girlfriend Lauren in the airport. From an as yet unfinished fanfic by Jake Bridges. Yeah, "A She-Kat" did a pic of this too (and, it's quite shpiffy!) - it's over at The SWAT Kats Fan Art Page.(Prismacolor markers)

    Three Cool Kats Chance, Jake, and Jake Bridges looking cool on the beach. It's from another fanfic by Mr. Bridges that's still in progress.

    Exhaustion of the Soul Yet another scene from one of Jake's works in progress. Chance is in the hospital and Jake has been through a brutal battle of his own. Here he slumps against the doorframe, his shower having done little to help his over-taxed spirit....

    Jake and Chance as they appear in Storm Turmoil's, at the time I drew this, unposted fanfics. I was reading a fanfic piece she sent me and got curious as to what her older, somewhat rougher SWAT Kats would look like. So, here's "Xavier" and "Jonathon" (going by their middle names).

    A Knight and His Horse Based on Liv's I Have the Power fanfics, which crossover with He-Man and She-Ra. Chance as the Firestar Knight takes a moment to give the mare Ponyta a rub on the nose.

    The Shura Family Another pic based on Liv's series - this time The Evil Eye. It's the Shura family - the evil Ashura (the one with the scar) and his twin brother Ashram, one of Callista's knights, and Ashura's long lost daughter Yasha.

    Hmm.... The FireStar Knight Wears Jewelry Now? Not a scene from Liv's fics... But, based on them. Chance just meant to keep Yan's necklace where he'd remember it 'til he could return it to her... She, however, is enjoying teasing him.

    Vulpes Vulpes, the shape-shifting fox from Liv's Ness Empire Series. A bit off-model, but not all-together bad.(pencil drawing)

    Where Do I Belong? Based on LA Jules' Birth of a Living Angel. Summoned back to life by Jake's wish, Jules/Julie finds herself somewhere between life and death as a "living angel." Note: the drawing was based on her original story that has since been rewritten.

    Why Did You Tell Him That? “I told him that we’d never do anything to hurt you and…that you mean the world to me.” “Why did you tell him that?” “Because it’s true.” From Sage's False Accusations and the Absolute Truth -- which she no longer has available... Bad Sage! Lt. Katrina Korat of the MBI visits Jake and Chance in jail for supposedly attempting to kill her...

    “DAD!” From Worthy's SWAT Kits. Having seen the present that was to be without her and her friends' intervention, Emerald Clawson hugs her father tightly, glad to find him alive and well.

    Razor,... We Have a Problem! From my own fanfic, Technical Difficulties. T-Bone's trapped in the TurboKat's computer! An ancient illustration I salvaged.

    Birth of a Hero From Fortress Maximus' Ashes to Ashes Part 4: Births and Rebirths. Callie transforms into her magical superheroine form, Lighthope. I created an original of this image that seemed too... Disney Afternoon-ish in tone. So, this is the redone image with a more comic feel... I hope.

    Shall We Take 'Em? Based on David Noble's Blazing Fury. T-Bone and Razor prepare to once more take on those pesky mutant scorpions. You didn't see that they're not wearing glovatrixes, you didn't see that they're not wearing glovatrixes....

    King of the Sea From David Noble's Anonymous Subversions it's Phurranha!   What do I like best about this image?  The background.  I'm quite pleased with it... though Photoshop takes most of the credit.  My original background wasn't as interesting... but Sage thought I should post it.  It looks much nicer since I redid it.. And, this is my first version of background number 2.

    Uncle Chance From David Noble's Chance's Past Fatherhood. A scene from the end of the story where Chance finally fights through some old, painful memories and accepts his role of being an uncle to Jake's child.

    PINK?! Captured by a mad scientist, T-Bone wakes up to find himself... pink?! From Kristina Katersson's The Color Pink. I couldn't resist seeing what a pink T-Bone would look like and, if anyone looks at me funny, I had a good excuse... my jasmine (I call it "T-Bone color") marker had died at the time. (Prismacolor markers)

    Tawny and Co. Based on Jennifer/White Wave's partially unwritten fanfic series. Meet Tawny Whitefield aka Wild Kat. The kitten with Chance is CJ, his and Tawny's son... only he didn't exactly come about the normal way... Well, you'd just have to read the series. I would post a link, but her page has gone down, and I haven't heard that she has a new one up. (pencil drawing)

    Wild Kat Tawny as her vigilante/SWAT Kat alias, Wild Kat. (pencil drawing with Photoshop enhancement)

    Anxiety Attack Shasta Furlong from Starcat's "Starcat Stories" Part 3: Crippled Inside. Shasta curls into a miserable ball in the back of her band's van, hurting inside in more ways than one.(pencil drawing)

    Lokii From AkaneKitty's series it's Lokii, Mad Kat's female counterpart. This little face just popped up when I was doodling and made me think of her... so I added the hat. ("Photoshopped" pencil drawing... with color)

    Show-Off Inspired by Jayme Scholtes "Wild Kats" series. While out on the beach with girlfriend Panther, Chance shows off a little.(pencil drawing)

    Fanfic-Inspired Sketches
    Just some hastily sketched thoughts and impressions from fanfics. They may not be completed images, but they were ones that had to be drawn.

    Terror From a work-in-progress Sage is writing called Fearless. A terrifying memory triggered, Dark Razor cringes away from Trina, seeing T-Bone in her place as he covers his already mangled ears. (quick mechanical pencil sketch)

    Let Go of My Nose! Not an actual shot from a fanfic. Inspired by the hilarious dialogues between Razor and the Parasite that lives in and controls his left hand (and arm) from AkaneKitty's Eclipse and Eclipse: House of the Daemon. The Parasite does not approve of Razor's new girlfriend Kandi... and he finally decides to take action... while passersby stare. Unfortunately, I drew the offending hand as his right, not his left... Aiy!

    The Little Princess A quickly sketched snapshot from Dawameren I.'s SupahCallieNowToMeThatSeemsaTadFacetious.... also called Ground Pepper. Mainly, I really, really wanted to get an image of his less-than-perfect-little-princess version of Callista. So, here she is, dress torn, barefoot... and holding a certain chunk of quartz with a certain sorceror's eye in it.

    Note: All fanfic and/or RPG characters mentioned on this page are the property of their respective creators and/or players. The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1995. All artwork on this page is the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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