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    This is the section for my original kat characters. Most of them were created for the various SWAT Kat role-playing games I participated in while others come from mine and my brother's fanfics. And, as you can probably tell from the dates on them and the terrible Photoshop work, most of these images are quite old.

    Wh... Who's There?! A new version of Kris! At last! She's my first RPG character, an Enforcer created for the SK AOL RPG. Right now, it seems someone's startled her, but, fear not, that blaster has never yet been taken off its lowest setting. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    The Seeker - Part Deux He's Ba-ack! Much better image than the first one! I still rather like it! (Prismacolor markers)

    Sir T-Bone T-Bone... er, is it? Yes, - I played this character on AOL too. (Prismacolor markers)

    What?! Officer Rob McFurland from my fanfic Technical Difficulties. He looks a tad confused over something. (pencil drawing)

    Maxout A character from my future-oriented fanfics, a SWAT Kat from the future, Maxout. No, he's not another gargoyle - he's a mutant kat (he needed a little redesigning when I drew this though - the resemblance is too close for my tastes). His wings are a little too small in the pic (for reasons of fitting them on the page), but he can change their size when he wants to anyway. (pencil drawing)

    One Casual Kat Max again. This one's a little more accurate. No, you can't see his wings - they're "reabsorbed" at the moment. He can grow and reabsorb them at will - they form from a slimelike substance that oozes from his back. (pencil drawing)

    Alone With His Misery A quick sketch of Max out in the rain alone, contemplating how much life stinks when you're a mutant frog/kat. His feet look less like frog webs and more like talons in this pic unfortunately.... (pencil drawing)

    Coming Through! Max zips by. My first colored Max! Hooray! You can't see too many of his "odd" features in this pic beyond the tail, but hey. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Hello there.... Somebody's about to be introduced to Max's fist... and it's not gonna feel good.... I did a little work on Max's design - added stripes to his tail, and played with the area on his legs where it switches from fur to that nice lumpy green skin. Oh, and his claws aren't normally that long.... just when he's ready for a fight! At any rate, it's not a design I've kept. (pencil drawing)

    Listen, Pal! I do not like my school's traffic policies... I have issues with some of their traffic cops - like the guy who said my mother couldn't even drive me to my dorm because they were having that most sacred of events a football game! Sooo... I introduced them to Max... (pencil drawing)

    Iiiiit's Ryan! One of my first successful drawings of Ryan Clawson, Jake's son in my future fanfics. Though I still think he looks too much like his father... (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Get Down A proposed future-verse character, Alicia McFurland. Here, she's doing some manner of dance... I think... With the original rough sketch tweaked a bit and added as a background. (Photoshop on b/w marker)
    Black and White Version

    Well, I Think You're Beautiful... From my in progress fic that introduces Alicia. She just woke up in mutant form, scared and confused. So, Max came to cheer her up... and those were the first unwitting words from his mouth when she called herself a monster... (pencil drawing)

    Smile Nice Now A pretty facial shot of Alicia. Off-model a bit, but it's still nice. (pencil drawing)

    You Did What?! Ryan again... He looks upset... I'm betting Max was involved - he's good at that. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Father and SonFinally, I drew Jake with a young Ryan. Took me long enough to draw the two together! Ryan's telling Jake something. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Do I Look Funny, Daddy? An eight year old Max sniffles back his tears and asks his Dad the question that he just can't keep out of his head. Poor kid... I shouldn't torment him so... (pencil drawing)

    Max With a Nifty Background Not much else to say... A simple pic of Max I rather like with a background I created in Photoshop and am quite proud of. Just wish the pic was equal to it... (Photoshop color and background)

    Pucker Up! Drawn purely for me to test my new set of Tria markers (they were used on the fish). Out for a leisurely swim, Max encounters an admirer... But, she's not exactly his species... Okay, she's not even close - he's a kat/frog/lizard hybrid, she's a fish - it'll never work out. (Prismacolor and Tria markers with computer background)

    This Is What We Call a "Beam" Max, giving you his biggest, best grin. I think he's up to something, personally. The style goes with my super-toony/cute Chance and Jake... and, thus, his head is supposed to be larger than his body. It's a caricature of sorts. (Prismacolor markers)

    Ryan... Get Your Tail Over Here and Help Me!!! Max got stuck washing the dishes. But, no way is he drying them! Yes, he's holding the towel with his tail ;) Drawn in a style related to my old "Cat-Like" pics of Chance and Jake. (pencil drawing)

    Ew! Keep it Away! Max's evil twin - who tends to dye his fur black and is a normal kat, not a mutant - is stuck with baby Maxie... and guess what? It's that time! And, I don't mean "Howdy Dowdy Time" either! (pencil drawing)

    I Can't Believe It! My final serigraphy assignment... And, as I could do anything I wanted, I did Max against the city in an effort to mimic the comic panel-like work of Roy Lichenstein - hence the title being what Max is saying for those of you who've heard of Lichenstein. (screen print)

    Bye-Bye! An impish-faced Max waves bye-bye as he leaps into the air, spreading his wings. Why do I feel like his parting gift must have been a water balloon? (pencil drawing)

    Huggles A young Max gives Chance a big hug. Because it's been too long since I drew them. (pencil drawing)

    Angles At long last I figured out how the back of Max's head looks! So, here's his never-before-seen back of the head plus some other angles (the side view is abominable though)... And, a bonus of him in his SK uniform... with a mask on for once! (B/W marker drawing)

    I've Got the Bear Again, with the kitties... This time it's Kitty Max... And, he's running away with Sage's teddy bear! Stop him! (pencil drawing)

    Do Huh?Max standing in the water, looking lost. For once, all the coloring is just either fills, gradients, or airbrush. The only filter is on his hair. (Photoshop coloring)

    I'm Late!Max is late and on the run! Sorry for the borrowed background... I just couldn't think of anything.(Prismacolor markers with screengrab background)

    Don't Make Me MadMax is not in a good mood.(mechanical pencil sketch)

    Wanna See My Pet? Another character of mine named Raze, Dr. Viper's first intelligent mutation. Ain't he cute? (pencil drawing)

    Do NOT Pet the Kitty! Raze again! Hmm... He's still in a bad mood... (pencil drawing)

    The Creation of a New CharacterA page of sketches as I developed my latest character... The final designs are the bottom two. And, with them, Sypher is born. Mind you, the expression on the left is an unusual display of emotion from Sy. (pencil drawing)

    SypherJust a generic drawing of Sy. I love his hair.... More than Max's? Mebbe.... (mechanical pencil drawing)

    What... Did You Do To Me?Sy's confused... If you were "born" an artificially intelligent computer entity, you'd freak when you found yourself in an organic body too. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Now, How'd It Work for that Kid in Titan AE? Sy, half in his energy form (he can shift between matter and energy at will), attempts to escape an energy barrier of some form. Heavily inspired by Titan AE. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Dark SypherMore disturbing than Sypher's evil twin... What happens when the CyberKat is reprogrammed? (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Uhm... Miss?More based on my original concept of Sy than his current version. Organic artificial intelligences just don't know what to do with girls. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Lookit That Sweet Face Finally a pic of Sypher's current, final look in his MBI uniform. This is how Sy appears in the MBI/SK RPG. Idn't he sweet? (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Continue on the remainder of the RPG and original character pics:

    [Others' Characters ] [Pics Based on the RPGs I Play/Have Played In]

    Note: All original fanfic and/or RPG characters on this page are copyright to Kristen Sharpe/T. L. Amos unless otherwise mentioned. The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1995. All artwork on this page is the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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    Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 1995. All other characters and material within this page are the property of either myself, Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos, or their respective creators.