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    Marcus North former AOL RPGer Marcus North - private paw for hire. (pencil drawing)

    The Stereotypical Detective An old pic that I decided was post-worthy. This was my first effort for Marcus' player. I liked it at the time and still like it, but it is far too much the stereotypical cartoon detective image. (pencil drawing)

    Jam Session Crash enjoying himself with his guitar. Whether he's really onstage or just dreaming I'll leave up to you.(pencil drawing)

    Death Fanfic character Death, salvage delivery boy.. and ninja. (pencil drawing)

    Silver It's Silver. A white panther I drew by request. For once, I think I gave someone an interesting outfit - better than the usual t-shirt and jeans anyways. (pencil drawing)

    Prowler Meet Prowler. An original she-kat I did on request. She might appear in a fanfic soon... Hmm... coming soon to a webpage near you? (pencil drawing)

    Watch This! Jack Van Furlong (Hope that's the right name!). I think this is based more on the fanfic author's on-line persona than his fanfic character, but I could be wrong. He is holding that sword upside-down, but he's an expert swordskat, fear not. He's made no mistake, albeit the artist is prone to those.... (pencil drawing)

    Lookin' Cool Lynx, a laidback surfer type kat... er... actually, he's a lynx. (pencil drawing)

    Standing Tall MBI agents Katrina and Micheal Korat pose in full uniform (not necessarily official uniform either... I... er... ad libbed a bit). Based on Sage's fanfic series that she's taken down at the moment, but check her page for any updates and re-postings! The background logo was created by Sage SK and is no doing of mine beyond combining it with the image and is used with permission ;) (Prismacolor markers with computer background)

    Look Out! She's Got Her Fingers in Her Ears!!! A seriously hyper Panzer... heading straight for you! Run!! (pencil drawing)

    YOU Want Some?! Cheese Danish's character Katcaye Lixan. She's just pounded some poor guy and is perhaps rounding on her next victim. I'm betting that first guy made a katcall - not bright. Done in a pic trade with Cheese. Go and see the nifty pic she did of Max for me! (pencil drawing)

    Angel's Touch Angel-winged Nina dips a toe into the still surface of a pond curiously. (pencil drawing)

    The Brothers Kaadle Razaar's Charli and Razaar Kaadle. Poor Razaar... Stuck with over-enthusiastic Charli... But, he should be used to it! Done for Razaar in return for the great pic with Max she did! (pencil drawing)

    New Look Crash in the style I used on Max in "Ryan... Get Your Tail Over Here and Help Me!!!!" in the "My Characters" section. Kinda nifty look... if an uncreative pose. (pencil drawing)

    Coming? Wrapping her wings around her body, Nina O'Klaw looks back as though to ask, "You coming?"(mechanical pencil sketch)

    If You Can Dish It Out, I Can Take It It's Shirubie's Charlie! Ready for a fight methinks. I owed her one after her nice pic of Max ;) (pencil drawing)

    Amelia Briggs Enforcer Amelia Briggs. This is one Enforcer you won't find sitting on her tail when there's action. She did pause for the picture though. Lazy artist... Skimping on action poses... Bad me... (pencil drawing)

    Angelic Smile It's the Living Angel, Jules, again! I was looking at her creator's pictures of her and got inspired. I'm also pleased with the background ;) (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Halt! Who Goes There?Kat, commander of the Second Phoenix Expedition that crash landed somewhere, from the SWAT Kats/Pokemon Crossover RPG with her trusty pikachu, Flash. My first ever pikachu... I think he came out okay - he's cute anyway. (pencil drawing)

    Giant, Ever Cute, Ever InnocentKitty's alien visitor to the kat world, Giant! Done in my super-cute style. I'm very proud of my background for this one. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Ellie Barbara Mooney's Furcadia character Ellie scheming something... And, no, she's not wearing a bathing suit. A bathing suit with those boots? Well, I've done it,... but it was in the name of saving my feet. Anyways, it's really a shirt with leotard-type pants. (pencil drawing)

    Jack and Elmina Jack and Nikkie as their favorite Wild Arms characters, Jack and Elmina. Only I made the characters kats. I like how Elmina/Nikkie came out ;) (pencil drawing)

    Cale ClawsonSage's newest SWAT Kat progeny, Cale. Name and design based off Cale Tucker from Titan AE. Yup, he's got an attitude. (pencil drawing)

    Alex FurlongA character you'll never likely see. He exists in mine and Sage's games alone. What if, some day, Max and Nina - on the RPG timeline - got married and had a kid? (pencil drawing)

    MatrixCreated for the MBI/SWAT Kats RPG, it's cynical CyberDemon Matrix! Like my character Sypher, he's an organic artificial intelligence with the ability to shift between matter and energy at will. And, yes, he's a good guy... even if he has been dubbed a CyberDemon on occasion. (pencil drawing)

    It's A....! Ferret?Mike (the Vile) peers into a box to find... a ferret? I don't know where it came from either, Mike. (pencil drawing)

    Get Rid of Them NOW!Dark Mike has the power to alter her features as well as those of others and.... Dark T-Bone and Dark Mike don't get along well, see.... (pencil drawing)

    My Car!Chance let Mike/Evy borrow his car... Unfortunately, it seems to have come back in more pieces than it left. (Prismacolor markers with screengrab background)

    Is It Love?Mike, in kitty form, has found a new friend - the frappucino she was supposed to be guarding for my brother! And, she may like hugging it more than Chance Kitty. But, Chance Kitty wouldn't be wise to think of it as a reprieve... She'll be after him again... And, by the time she does, she'll be all hyper on frapuccino! (Prismacolor markers and pencils with Photoshop background)

    Tigeress McClainA singer who's also a SWAT Kat supporter! (pencil drawing)

    Anime Trina?My attempt at drawing an anime-ish Trina. Inspired by a doodle of Sage's. (Photoshop over pencil drawing)

    Hmph!A pouty-faced Jason Korat. Sage dared me... so I took her up on it ;) (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Wait! Maybe I Can Help... Originally inspired by Sage's fanfic "Fearless". Captured by the Dark SWAT Kats, when Trina learns the true nature of their situation, she realizes that she's not the only prisoner. (Photoshop)

    Dark Trina An old and incomplete sketch concept for a "Dark Side" version of Trina. (mechanical pencil sketch)

    Into the FireLA's Mighty Tiger this time! In a burning... what appears to be a church? I'm not sure what's going on. But, I assume she's gone in to rescue people from the fire.(Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)
    And, here is the black and white version of the same image. (pen drawing)

    Theresa KathrineAllow me to introduce Theresa Kathrine aka T-Kat! Yeps, it's the TurboKat as a real live she-kat from an alternate plotline Sage and I were toying with. Giant also has some images of the TurboKat as a she-kat. Check them out at Giant's SWAT Kat Universe. (pencil drawing)

    Theresa Again Just a little face shot of Theresa. Played around with her hair a little. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Aren't You Sweet?In some tiny return for doing me more pictures than you can shake a stick at, here's a pic of KS' personal character (her old design anyways) hugging a dragon. (pencil drawing)

    What? There's Nothing There...Another thankyou pic for KS Claw. Here's her character KS, for some reason in normal clothes, exploring some dark corridor... and assuring whoever's with her that there's nothing to worry about. Hmm... She'd best look behind her... (Photoshop over an original pencil drawing)

    Big... Puppy?.KS Claw's character Night Kill, looking like nothing so much as an overgrown puppy. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Tyler Furlong, Past and PresentIt's Lucas Oliva's mutant character Tyler Furlong. He's Chance's younger brother who had a run-in with Viper's mutants during the "Mutation City" incident in Lucas' alternate of the SWAT Kat universe. So, here he in both his mutant and normal forms... which he can swap between at will, but I'd say the normal form is from before his mutation because he seems younger there. (pencil drawing with Photoshop text)

    She's Gonna Marry... DARK KAT?!Based on an RPG and several pics by A-Chan. Her character Jenna Clawson, Jake's sister in her stories and one RPG, gives her brother and Chance the "good" news... much to their shock and horror. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Hard at WorkDreamcatcher's Tabby helps Jake out in the garage. Tabby appears in Dreamcatcher's fanfics, starting with "The New Kat". This scan is really nasty because my scanner is misbehaving. I'll try to post a better one soon. (pencil drawing)

    Alternate ICQ/RPG Plots and Gags
    The "you had to be there" pics...

    Mortification Crash... in Callie's dress! Bwa-ha-ha! This doesn't actually come from an RPG... It was an ICQ conversation involving what happens when you hit someone with a paintball that contains the colors of a certain cartoon character... Er... you had to be there. (pencil drawing)

    Moo! I don't think Crash is too happy with my little gift... More ICQ-inspired wackiness. See, I wanted to pronounce dishonor on him and his cow (It's a line from Disney's Mulan: That's it! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Make a note of this. Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!"), but Crash didn't have a cow.... So, I gave him "Bessie." ::evil grin:: (pencil drawing)

    Doncha Just Love Those Weird ICQ Messages? Another ICQ-based pic. I must have sent Sage something really weird... judging from the looks on the faces of her and her SWAT Kats (long story). (quick sketch - completed at 1:32 am)

    Security More ICQ madness. Sage insisted Jake swing dance with her. Apparently, it left him traumatized as he clings to her teddy bear, Brownie, much to Chance's dismay. (quick sketch)

    Angelic Faces Well, actually, Max is trying to be fallen-angelic... Anyways, more ICQ joking. Sage gave Ryan and Max Halloween costumes! (mechanical pencil sketch)

    Hey! My Maxie! Max in his child form is "Maxie." I made him a child so he'd fit in the room better... and Sage just snatched him away from Chance! (B/W marker drawing)

    Triple Hug! At last, Chance has Maxie back and gives him a big hug... as Maxie hugs his stuffed SWAT Kat, Mr Fuzzy, who looks oddly like T-Bone. (pencil drawing)

    My Teddy! At last, after many a mad escapade, Jake is reunited with his teddy bear... or is it Sage's? (Adobe Photoshop)

    The Winged Ones Based on a non-RPG/non-fanfic/not related to anything chat. A winged Sage and RJ share a cute moment. I refuse to go into how they gained those wings because no one would get it likely. (pencil drawing)

    Ah! A Spoof! Based on a side RPG plot set in the 1920's - a murder mystery spoof. Detective Chance Furlong is dead, but his old partner and his son are on the case with the help of their police contact Katrina Korat. Now, just what about dueling night club singers Nina O'Klaw and Kitty Carver? (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Jake Inna Hat!A single shot of Jake from the '20's plot in classic, stereotypical PI garb. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    The 20's Girls A quick sketch of the 20's singers versions of Kitty Carver and Nina O'Klaw. (quick pencil sketch)

    Bad RJ! RJ, King of Shirtlessness, finally got Max to take off his shirt... Poor Max.. He's not comfortable with this... It's cold! (Photoshop)

    Mess of the Titans Max and RJ duke it out in a vat of sugary icing sweet enough to rot your teeth on sight while Sagey and the dancing hamster (that round blob on her shoulder) watch on. Uhm... There is no explanation that you would understand. We have these joking chats with fights in vats of sugar and chocolate and other sweet stuff and... nevermind. Just look; it's cute even if you can't fathom what's wrong with us. (pencil drawing)

    Never!!!!! From left to right, Nikkie, Jack, and Cookie team up to torment me until I tell them who my favorite SWAT Kat is, but I'll never tell! It might slip out, however.... Crash/RJ, you keep yer lips zipped! (pencil drawing)

    --ZAAAP--!Done on request. Hard Drive and original character Diego give David Noble a "friendly" greeting. (pencil drawing)

    Be CarefulDavid Noble as a kat this time joins his character Phurranha. I'm not sure what they're up against, but Phurranha's warning David to be careful as they split up. (pencil drawing)

    Niiiice KittyBased on some chats with Cat Matson. She seems to have tamed the savage beast. Pardon the lined paper, please. This was a quickie. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Take That! And, Some of These!Recently, someone swiped a friend's fanfic and put their own name on it and reposted it. (Which is an evil, evil thing!) Understandably, she was furious. So, I drew a pic hoping to cheer her up. Her favorite characters, Razor and Izzy from Digimon, have come to help handle the evil, evil fanfic-stealer. Yeah, Izzy is really off-model, but it's the first time I've ever drawn anyone from Digimon.(pencil drawing)

    STIX!Sagey cackles maniacally while grasping a handful of Stix. An oooold notebook sketch I finally finished coloring in Photoshop (Photoshop over pencil sketch)

    Your Birthday Sixpack!Me/Kris giving Sage her birthday sixpack (of root beer)! It began with a joke my uncle started when I turned 21. As I don't drink he gave me a sixpack of Dr. Pepper. Since Sage doesn't drink either, I thought this was fitting ;) (Photoshop over pencil drawing)

    Continue on the remainder of the RPG and original character pics:

    [RPG/Original Characters] [Pics Based on the RPGs I Play/Have Played In]

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