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    The MegaKat Bureau of Investigation/SWAT Kats Crossover RPG
    Images based on the MBI/SK Crossover RPG. Sage's MegaKat Bureau of Investigation joins the Enforcers in legally defending MegaKat City... and gets more than it bargained for when a mismatched band of new recruits joins up.

    SandyMBI agent Sandy Clawdwin. Her specialty is a crossbow, but, lacking a reference, I only drew the strap to it in this pic. (pencil drawing)

    The KitsuneFormer MBI... employee Kaeru Sosonokasu, a kitsune with quite an interest in the CyberKats. (pencil drawing)

    I Said FREEZE!Enforcer Captain Jessie Clawson packing a seriously large gun... and looking ticked. 'Ware Jessie. She's never without her arsenal. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Where Did You Come From?!Sypher scares someone - possibly an off-duty MBI agent - by materializing from the computer terminal they were about to access. CyberKats like to do that ;) (pencil drawing)

    Ya' Gotta Problem Wi' That?Meet Mary Sue.. I'm sure you've heard of her... But, this Mary Sue is more the... "Anti-Mary Sue." She currently resides in the Salvage Yard. No, not with Chance and Jake. She got attacked and left for dead out there and now she's lost in the junk. The pole? That's what she catches dinner with. Dinner? The rats. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Don't Worry - I Have a PlanCommander McGrath, castaway from the future, coming to help. If he pulls out one of his futuristic gadgets... run. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Shiiiiiny!The CyberKat Shrapnel once again demonstrates that downloading feline instincts wasn't the best idea for him... as he accosts fellow MegaKat Bureau of Investigation agent Burst after seeing the glint off his watch. (pencil drawing)

    Yipes! Burst gasping in surprise... Hmm... He's probably found his beloved SUV destroyed... again. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    What now?! Poor Sandy... She's seriously confused... Over what? The MBI alone is enough to be confused over. Burst is probably screaming about his SUV being blown up or stolen by "bad snot," McGrath is probably making radioactive coffee with his nuclear macrowave, and Shrapnel is probably impersonating the coffeemaker again. Give the girl some credit. She can look puzzled. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop text)

    I'll Love You and Hug You and Call You Trixie!A birthday present for Rebecca Mason. Her character Manga has finally caught that cutie Matrix. Only he's not his usual handsome fella kinda cute.... But, as usual, he's not much on hugging! (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Modern Day KnightThe MBI's resident "knight," Alex Weathers, sword drawn, on the lookout for trouble. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    One Shnazzy CyberKatMy (belated) birthday pic for Sage. It's Matrix bein' his cool, sparky self. I've actually been toying with this image for a while, so it's the result of a couple different coloring experiments coming together... all "pre-Wacom". At least it finally came out decent. Well,... Sage liked it at any rate! (Photoshop over a pencil drawing)

    He Likes Hugs Lil' Byte, originally created to be a pseudo-CyberKat trojan program to infiltrate Dark Kat's lair, snuggles the raccoon that plagues the MBI's donut supply. He may have finally met his match. Title inspired by a comment from Lil' Byte's creator/player Klawz. (Photoshop - Wacom-traced over the original pencil drawing)

    I'm Too Cute to be Guilty! Evil CyberKat Protocol practices cute faces that she hopes will convince Dark Kat of her innocence. Globulous doubts it'll work... so do I. This one came out a little random. It's my first experiment in really, heavily mixing Photoshop and Painter, and I'm not entirely happy with it. (Photoshop and Painter 7)

    Horror Movie Ages ago, the agents of the MBI got together for a night of horror movies, starting with "The Exorcist". Seems it was a litle too much for Sypher and Tasha Forge. (Prismacolor pencils)

    Yoooooo, Megs! Trina offers a stirring battle cry. (quick pencil sketch)

    Only Child When Dark Kat turns the agents into kittens, Lil' Byte decides she much preferred being an only child. (quick mechanical pencil sketch)

    Protocol in Cosplay CyberKat Protocol dressed as Kagura from Inuyasha. (quick mechanical pencil sketch)

    The Second String Just a quick, unfinished sketch of Agent Ryder, who has been given the unenviable job of babysitting Agents Red Shirt and Lamb. (quick mechanical pencil sketch)

    Just One? The infamous Vash the Stampede learns that there is at least one person who loves donuts more than he does. Namely Agent Furklaw. (mechanical pencil sketch)

    The CyberKat Plot
    Based on the MBI/SK Crossover RPG's "CyberDemon" plotlines, Sage and I began a spin-off story where the SWAT Kats also gain "CyberDemon/Kat" powers, and... a lot of crazy stuff happens. First, it was finding Chance's longlost father, only to find he was being forced to work for a mysterious organization... headed by Dark Kat's first, experimental CyberDemon?! Then, the Dark SWAT Kats got in on the action... And, things went even crazier from there. Here are some of the images the plot's inspired.

    "WHAT... Did you Say?" In CyberKat plot the SWAT Kats end up with the ability to change from matter to energy at will. It's just... keeping it at bay when you get mad... and would really like to fling an energy blast at someone, which is what Chance wants to do very badly. Hence the glowing eyes. I am very pleased with my background here. The drawn part is three years old... Methinks it salvaged nicely. (Pencil drawing colored in Photoshop on a composite Prismacolor marker/charcoal pencil/Photoshop background)

    Ain't he Adordable? Deliberate misspelling. It's Matrix as a kitten after a run-in with the PastMaster. Awww... For a cynic, he makes a sweet kitt, no? (quick mechanical pencil sketch)
    Colored version I did not color this! This was beautifully colored by Sage SK. I love the soft, dreamy look she created.

    Mark Graypaw Sypher's future son in the CyberKat plot, Mark. No, Sy doesn't and likely won't have a son in MBI RPG.(quick mechanical pencil sketch)

    We're... Toys?!Jake and Trina have a run-in with Mad Kat while on a date... And, he turns them into... toys? It's "Teaching Trina" and "Jakey the Pooh!" (pencil drawing)

    SWAT Kats: The Rogue Squadron
    Images based on the SWAT Kats: The Rogue Squadron RPG. A band of Katsfans finds their way to MegaKat City via a freak accident while on a road trip, gaining the looks and powers of their on-line characters in an added twist. They never meant to play hero... until trouble came knocking. Then, nearly twenty years later, just when they thought they were retired to normal jobs for keeps, it came back.

    Ready for Action Jake Bridges as his Rogue Squadron kat counterpart here with a trusty handgun, ready for anything. (pencil drawing)

    Consulting the Wise Kat A joke of Jake Bridges' from a pre-RPG chat one night - it was so funny, I couldn't resist drawing it. Seems he couldn't get one of our members to cease her torment of him.... and so he raced to the top of Mt. Everest to consult the "Wise Kat".... (pencil drawing)

    Shall We? Crash and Kami... looking like they're about to have some fun... and maybe cause some mischief. (pencil drawing)

    Together Katney and Jake share a tender moment together. Ain't they cute? (pencil drawing)

    Are Those Scaredy Kat Boxers, I See?! Poor Max... Bessie the cow kicked him and he skidded across the floor and, well, now the world knows about his Scaredy Kat boxers... No, this was not a real RPG, just some post-RPG, caffeine-induced (or sleep-deprivation-induced) madness. (pencil drawing)

    Too Cute! A toony (though Crash calls it "SD" = super deformed) rendition of RJ. Personally, I like it, but he is just a tad too adorable. (Prismacolor pencils)

    I'm a Manly Man... But I'm a Wolf! RJ in my cutesy style looking all proud of his most buff self. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Put Me Down! I Can Walk - REALLY!!! RJ scoops Kris up even as she struggles (though only half-heartedly) to be put down. Ah,... the problems with being the small one. (pencil sketch)

    Happiness Is A Year of Torment! As of October 25, 1999, Crash has been on-line for one year! So, Seek and Kris remind him how much fun it's been and how much they care. Love you, Crash! Mean it! (Incidentally, that's a match Seek's dropping down Crash's pants...) (pencil drawing)

    Alas Poor Life, I Knew It Well... Mike Furlong, Chance's other son, reflects on the loss of his social life since he obtained the same mutation as Max... Incidentally, Mike is Jake Bridges' character and he invented the tail sitting manuever... I invented this particular brand of mutant kat ;) (pencil drawing)

    Houston, We Have a Problem! Mike just realized that he has webbing between his fingers... He's turning into a mutant like Max... and he's not taking it calmly! He is, however, sitting down... (pencil drawing)

    Bad to Worse And, if mere webbing was bad... (pencil drawing)

    Trouble is an Understatement.... The tale of two teens, a car, and a swimming pool. Max and his brother Mike scramble out of the pool having just managed to submerge the most expensive vehicle the Furlongs own... only to find a most angry Chance waiting for them... Not inspired by any actual RPG events,... but it could happen! (pencil drawing)

    I Love My Big/Little Bro! Mike, back from ten years in another dimension (though he was gone only a day to Max) gives his now-younger brother a noogie.... like the world has never seen! (pencil drawing)

    Love Ya'! Max and Mike showing how much they care. From a now-infamous RPG discussion - nuthin' says lovin' for the Furlong brothers like a sock to the gut! And, Max is in a loving mood today! Poor Mike... Uhm... Move Max... I think he's about to "soil the upholstery." (pencil drawing)

    Ya' Think? Now, it's Max and Mike's turn to get attacked by Mad Kat and his magic feathers as Max sums up the obvious. You haven't seen Mad Kat and the magic feathers? Browse around - the tickle pics are everywhere. All by request. Anyways, Max and Mike are both in "normal form" here as they have that option thanks to a spell of Kat's. (pencil drawing)

    Orobas Orobas, once an angel, now something of a fallen angel. No, I don't know the whole story on this character. Design based on his player, Southclaw's, original character design. (pencil drawing)

    Crash's Trio! It's three of Crash's RPG characters. Left to right: Crash Clawson/Furley, RJ Tremor, and Aaron Firestar. (Prismacolor markers)

    Talk About a Bad Hair Day! Max and Jason Korat gape in... amazement... or is it horror? - at the new hairdos Klawz "bestowed" upon them. (mechanical pencil drawing)

    Phahom Sequintas New-comer vigilante Phahom Sequintas. I was told to use a Lion King sorta look. What's the verdict? (pencil drawing)

    The Truth Based on a "test RPG" set outside the real plot. Max and Nina have a heart to heart that ultimately reveals Max's deepest fears... Nina is torn by Max's self-hatred... and so is Max... (Prismacolor pencils)

    Possessed? Not Quite... Based on an RPG plot. Evil villain Dr. Viper finds a way to control the RPG's three resident mutants leaving everyone else with three red-eyed, demonic-looking fiends to face. Fun, fun! (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    Mad Max Had to use that title. You just know I had to. Anyway, here's an incensed Max just a few days after that incident with Viper as his eyes are still red. Some of the mutagen's effects resurfaced periodically for the week following the incident, but they're all gone now - including the red eyes. The freaky background? It just looked cool. (Prismacolor markers with Photoshop background)

    She Thinks I'm Cuuuuute!!!! Uhm... You'd have to have seen the old Rankin-Bass, stop motion Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer to get that one. Anyways, Trina just gave Mike a little peck on the cheek.... and Mike's seeing hearts. (Prismacolor markers)

    Note: All fanfic and/or RPG characters mentioned on this page are the property of their respective creators and/or players. The SWAT Kats and associated characters from the cartoon SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are copyright Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1995. All artwork on this page is the property of Kristen Sharpe/T.L. Amos.

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