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  • An image of Jake dressed as Loki from the anime Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

    "I Told You Not to Laugh"

    Jake dressed as Loki from the anime Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. Apparently, Chance dared to laugh at his get-up. Unfortunately for him, Jake also seems to have Loki's powers. I did this for a Monthly SWAT Kat Art Challenge about a year ago. At the time, I was running late and only finished Jake in time for the contest. Since then, I've gone back and added in Chance like I originally intended. I'm not sure if I'm entirely pleased with this. I had several other ideas in mind starting out. You can see them in my original sketches. I toyed with having Chance as Narugami (aka Thor posing as a high school student) and Callie as Freya. Er... And, yes, after this, I will try to stop drawing the Boys as obscure anime characters.

    (Photoshop CS2)


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