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    The DVD Set

    SWAT Kat DVD Set

    SWAT Kats has, at last, been released on DVD in a 5 disc set containing all 26 episodes.
    It is available at Warner Bros.' Online Shop
    (Click the small image if you want to see a larger version.)
    For more scans of the set, visit, the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia.

    The VHS Releases

    Each VHS video contains two episodes and has a running time of approximately 45 minutes. Click the small images if you want to see their larger versions.

    Vol 1. Strike of Dark Kat - Front Vol 1. Strike of Dark Kat -- Back

    Vol 1. Strike of Dark Kat
    Includes "Wrath of Dark Kat" and "Night of the Dark

    Vol 2. Deadly Dr. Viper - Front Vol 2. Deadly Dr. Viper  -- Back

    Vol 2. Deadly Dr. Viper
    Includes "Destructive Nature" and "Katastrophe"

    Vol 3. Metallikats Attack - Front Vol 3. Metallikats Attack  -- Back

    Vol 3. Metallikats Attack
    Includes "The Metallikats" and "Metal Urgency"
    Sorry about the excessive stickers on this one.

    SWAT Kat Tattoos

    These pages of removable tattoos were included with the SWAT Kat videos.
    Image contributed by Sony Cherian.

    The Action Figures

    Each figure comes with one weapon. I have no idea where they came up with the weapon ideas. None is anything that was ever used on the show. Although T-Bone's "Flying Fist" is reminiscent of a glovatrix. Click the small images if you want to see their larger versions.

    Razor action figure

    Razor with his Crossbow

    Razor action figure

    T-Bone with his "Flying Fist"

    Dark Kat action figure

    Dark Kat with his "Extra Death Ray"

    Dr. Viper action figure

    Dr. Viper with his "Slime Gun"

    The Posters

    The Official SWAT Kat Poster

    While there are reports of an official poster, no image has ever surfaced. The image pictured here has been identified as the poster in the past, but it instead seems to be an advertisement. This one in particular was published in the Daily Variety trade magazine.
    Image and information contributed by Matt Fiske.

    SWAT Kats: Attack of the Giant Bacteria Poster

    Attack of the Giant Bacteria
    A poster I bought off Ebay. It is not the official printed SWAT Kat poster. I can't confirm if this is true or not, but the fellow I bought it from claimed this poster was only one of two. Presumably, it is the only copy from the original. The original being a piece of original artwork the Tremblay brothers, who created SWAT Kats, presented to Hanna-Barbera in pitching the series to them. This copy is signed with signatures that do match up to the Tremblay brothers' signatures as I've seen them elsewhere on-line. It is not for sale.

    The Games

    The SWAT Kats SNES Game

    Yes, there was a SWAT Kats Super Nintendo game. If you'd like to know about the SNES game, I recommend visiting The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia and Strike's SK Zone (look under "S-Files/Images"). Additionally, RVG Fanatic has an in-depth review of the game under "SNES Reviews" (includes mild profanity).

    The SWAT Kats Handheld Game

    A SWAT Kats handheld game. I have never seen this game in person, so everything I know about it comes from the image provided and what its packaging says. It seems to involve fighting giant insects. Image contributed by Matt Fiske.

    Fast Food Tie-Ins

    Carl's Jr. Cool Combos for Kids bag

    Around June or July of 1997, Carl's Jr. released SWAT Kat kids meals as part of their "Cool Combos for Kids". The toys consisted of four PVC figures. The four toys were named: Screamin' Squadron Plane, Sock'em Kats, Radical Ride and Blaster Chair.
    (References: Screen Source presents: Fast Food Promotions 1996 - present and McToystore.com. Thanks to Frosta McCloud and Sony Cherian, who found these sites and brought them to my attention.)

    SK White Castle toys with their decals

    SK White Castle toys in the packages

    White Castle also had SWAT Kat toy tie-ins. From Brandweek issue 7, page 14, Feb 14, 1994:

    The White Castle fast food chain launched a kid's meal promotion in early April. They (White Castle) offered one of nine different plastic SWAT Kat launchers, along with one of three different decals as premiums in its "Kids Castle Meal." The ad support lasted for six weeks.
    The White Castle announcement was made along with a Remco toy tie-in. It would unveil the line SWAT Kat action figures, playsets and vehicles at the Toy Fair in New York.

    I only have images of three of the SWAT Kat launchers featuring T-Bone, Razor and Callie. For additional images of these, visit The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia under "Exclusives".
    Article contributed by David Benbaruj and images courtesy Felonykat.


    Cartoon Medley: A Hearty Serving

    Cartoon Network released the first season theme/opening title, along with 37 other themes from series they air, on the CD "Cartoon Medley: A Hearty Serving".

    SWAT Kats Radical Right Riders Safety Checklist

    This was sent to me, and I honestly have no idea as to its origins. It seems to be a bicycle safety pamphlet featuring the SWAT Kats either distributed by Murray and The Sports Authority or perhaps sold with Murray bicycles. If you have any information on it, please e-mail me.
    Image contributed by Sony Cherian.

  • While not particularly easy to find, there are SWAT Kat cels. As well as the "Action Set" toys, including sunglasses, plastic handcuffs, and a "flash gun" packaged with the SWAT Kat logo. To see some examples, I recommend visiting The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia (look under "Exclusives").
  • There is also a plethora of merchandise floating around Ebay like TurboKat keychains and "cels" that appear to be colored versions of model sheets. These may or may not be official.
  • Availability

    The DVD set is the only SWAT Kat merchandise currently being released new. It is available at Warner Bros.' Online Shop and can often be found on Amazon.com from outside sellers. Everything else can only be found used or selling from collectors. Ebay and Amazon.com are good places to start.

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