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  • From Toon Magazine, Fall 1994.
    Michael Swanigan and Darrell McNeil, who did a three tier breakdown of the Best, Pretty Good, and Awful toons of the fall, rated Swat Kats ( the second season) in the Happy Happy Joy Joy (Best) Section:

    "While not done in Japan to my knowledge, it looks so good and moves so well, you'd swear it was. It also has one of the few vocal casts that isn't chockful of 'slumming' celebrities or north-of-the-borders, these actors can act. My only gripe: Hanna-Barbera made only ten of these rather than a full second season 13 episode pick-up. That's three segments less of Swat Kats for us to enjoy, darn it all."

    The magazine also had a whole section on the SWAT Kats topped by the comment: "The best new action-adventure series to come from Hanna-Barbera in years!" Click the images below to view the Toon Magazine pages.

    Toon Magazine Cover - Fall 1994 Toon Magazine Contents Toon Magazine Insider Toon Magazine Happy Happy Joy Joy Section Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 1 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 2 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 3 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 4 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 5 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 6 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 7 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 8 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 9 Toon Magazine SK Article, Page 10

    The first excerpt from this article was sent to me by Ambre Wisniewski to offset the negative review presented in Television Cartoon Shows: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, 1940-1993 by Hal Erickson. More recently, Felonykat purchased a copy of this issue of Toon Magazine and gave me permission to use her scans.

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