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    I just wanted a little space to sing the praises of some of my favorite fanfics. Several fandoms are represented here, and all listed fanfics are complete. Please do not ask to be added to this list.

    SWAT Kats Fanfiction

    T-Bone's Stakes by Simon Leet

    Rated: PG for some violence.

    Located: On the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Summary: When the PastMaster raises an undead army to lay siege to the city, Dr. Viper sees his chance to catch the SWAT Kats unawares.  In the aftermath, T-Bone finds himself facing his greatest fear - the loss of his best friend.  And, he'd do anything to prevent it, even pursue a cure that exists only in the Dark Ages.  But, the Dark Ages have problems of their own.  And, when the fate of the past, present, and his best friend comes to rest on the big kat's shoulders, he must save them all... alone.

    Comments: To my knowledge, this is Simon's only finished SWAT Kat fanfic.  Which is a shame given how superb this story is. It was the first fanfic I ever read.  Period. SWAT Kat or otherwise.  So, yes, it holds a lot of nostalgia for me.  It showed me what fanfiction could be.  How one could be like a fresh episode of a cancelled show and how it could explore so much that the time restraints of a twenty-two minute cartoon wouldn't allow. 

    Even without my nostalgia glasses, this story is an incredible look at T-Bone.  It really gets inside his head and shows his outlook on life, his fears, and, ultimately, his strength of character.  But, if you're not much of a T-Bone fan, don't write this one off.  T-Bone's Stakes is also a really great adventure.   The action never stops, and I couldn't put it down on my first reading.  I even tried to read it in the car by the light of a quickly setting sun.  Aside from being slightly more violent and definitely much longer than any episode could be, this reads just like a fresh episode of SWAT Kats

    The Enforcer Days by AJ Siytangco

    Rated: G

    Located: On the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Summary: A light-hearted look at Chance and Jake's days at the Enforcer Academy that takes you from the recruitment office to their graduation. 

    Comments: If you like a good buddy/coming of age story, you'll enjoy this.  It doesn't have much action, but the untitled chapter gives you a taste of it.  Chance and Jake are captured to a 'T' and the original cadet characters are all creative, fun, and well-developed.  In fact, by the time I finished this, I had come to view Tailor, Ralph, Paul, and Miranda as some of my favorite original characters.

    The Hero's Home by Abby Woodward

    Rated: PG for some profanity and a few rather gruesome illusions.

    Located: On the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Summary: The year is 2040 and the heroes of old have passed on their dreams of peace to newer enforcers of cyberspace and reality. And, some still leave their own private ghosts to swing the balance towards good once again...  (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I finished this with tears in my eyes.  The story's original author's notes, now gone, stated that it was based on a nightmare... and it is a sad story in many ways.  But, I think you'll be smiling through any tears you might have by the end.  It is superbly written not only by a talented writer but a master storyteller.  Don't let the summary fool you. This story isn't so much about those that went on after the SWAT Kats but about how the SWAT Kats' legacy lived on. And, not in any of the usual forms like children or a new team of SWAT Kats.  Nothing so predictable.  The two original Enforcer characters that undertake this rather revealing journey into a past almost forgotten are well-rounded and easy to like.  The future setting is rich with details and a past of its own.  It's not just a hastily slapped in generic "future world" serving as a frame.  It's a world unto itself that almost makes you want to explore it a bit more. 

    Turnover by Sarah Combs

    Rated: PG for some violence.

    Located: On the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Summary: When Enforcer pilots Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson are fired and sent to run the city salvage yard, it seems their crimefighting days are over.  But, the discovery of a hidden hangar beneath the yard gives Jake a brilliant, fateful idea.  As Chance and Jake dive into their new project, the Enforcers deal with a seemingly minor crime that quickly escalates with the death of one Enforcer and a full-scale car chase.  And, when the Enforcers give up, enter two unnamed vigilantes out to prove to themselves and the city that they've got what it takes.

    Comments: This is an amazing alternate take on the SWAT Kat universe.  Sarah manages to incorporate her own, original ideas without fundamentally altering the universe the show created.  Her detail is incredible, both in description and depth of plot.  Turnover reads like a mystery thriller, and I couldn't put it down during my first read.  No megalomaniacs or supervillains here, but there's more to this story than just a run-of-the-mill murder mystery.  When the action slows, Sarah treats you to a very believable description of just how Chance and Jake might have gone about creating the SWAT Kats.  It's both an excellent fan-written backstory for the show as well as a fun adventure in its own right.  And, the wit in both the dialogue and the narration is hilarious.  I spent this fanfic alternately hanging on the edge of my seat and laughing my head off.

    Hurricane by Skybright Daye

    Rated: PG for some violence

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Jake and Chance need help at the garage desperately enough to put out a want ad even though they're well aware that it could compromise certain secrets.  They get a fellow ex-Enforcer with a possibly even more sullied record than their own.  But, is she answer to their problems?  Are they the answer to hers?  (Summary paraphrased from the author's original summary.)

    Comments: I was very uncertain about starting this one initially.  Its summary read like any number of other stories I've read, and I thought I could probably tell you the entire plot without even looking at it.  But, I did look at it and thank goodness I did.  I've grown disillusioned with the idea of adding new members to the SWAT Kat team over the years.  Originally, I thought it was a novel idea and even had my own pair of "junior SWAT Kats."  But, a few too many fanfics where the author seemed more interested in their own creations than my beloved heroes gradually left me disinterested in the very idea.  And, in particular, those stories where the tendency to focus on original characters grew to the point it seemed the author actually went out of their way to point out how their creations were better than the original SWAT Kats left me even a tad suspicious of original character stories.  But, Skybright pulls off a very plausible tale here.  Everyone you know from the show is well in character, and her original character, Maggie, is a breath of fresh air.  She's original, witty, and far from being a Mary Sue.  She is a talented character, but the author never feels the need to have her upstage T-Bone and Razor just to prove how good she is.  She develops a very believable relationship with both Chance and Jake that keeps her "one of the guys" and never a potential love interest.  And, should she develop into a love interest in a future story, there's already a solid, realistic basis for it.

    That aside, the story itself is just fun to read.  It's witty and creative.  Skybright incorporates a lot of original ideas without compromising the concept of the show.  And, the character dialogues are brilliant. 

    My Responsibility by MoDaD

    Rated: PG-13 for violence

    Located: Fanfiction.net and the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Status: Complete - 22 Chapters

    Summary: Callie Briggs’s support of the SWAT Kats is no secret, even though the masked duo’s identities are to her. When the SWAT Kats disappear, trouble arises in Megakat City, and Callie must rely on a reluctant ally to help her discover what happened. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: The single best Callie-centric story I've ever read plus a gripping mystery/adventure all rolled into one fantastic package. Best of all, the story strikes a perfect balance between giving Callie a strong role even through the action while maintaining her status as a "normal". Which is what I've always liked about Callie. She never had military training, martial arts skills, an arsenal of gadgets or magical powers. And, she still helped where she could.

    The story also shines in its slow-building mystery around the SWAT Kats' disappearance. As soon as Callie's search really begins in earnest, there's a tension singing through every chapter. It all builds to a suitably exciting reveal with a climax that had me cheering.

    Idiot by Sage SK

    Rated: G

    Located: Fanfiction.net and the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive

    Status: Oneshot/Complete

    Summary: His partner had always worried about his safety, and he always appreciated it. He just never realized what it would be like if their roles were reversed. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: There are several times in canon where we get to see T-Bone's reaction to his best friend's near-death. But, the opposite never happens. Fortunately, there's this excellent little character study of Razor when the tables are turned.

    Inuyasha Fanfiction

    Bottled Genius by Rosefire

    Rated: PG-13 for profanity, some violence, and mild sexual innuendo

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Set in an alternate universe. One normal schoolgirl, one magic "lamp", ten seemingly cursed wishes, and one dog-eared genie with a bad attitude.

    Comments: Hands down one of the best Inuyasha AU's I've read to date. At the outset, I was eerily reminded of the story/play "The Monkey's Paw" as all of Kagome's wishes backfired in increasingly frightening ways. The building tension had me hanging on every word by chapter three. And, that's only the start of it. The story has a little bit of everything, from some downright creepy moments to outright hilarity. I can't think of the words to say how very much I enjoyed this. Sango and Miroku's part is a little lacking with the twosome only appearing in the latter portion of the story, but, personally, I think Kagome and Inuyasha did need the bulk of the story to themselves.

    Inuyasha's Sweetheart by Suki

    Rated: PG for mild profanity

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: There's another female in Inuyasha's life - and it's not Kagome! [Surprisingly, I think that KA/IY fans will like this short story.] (Author's original summary)

    Comments: A touching, sweet little story that I find myself re-reading whenever I just want a good warm fuzzy. I really can't say more than that without telling you too much. This is a short little oneshot, so there's not too much to tell in the first place.

    Exitus by Aino-kaachan

    Rated: PG

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: An old warrior spends his last moments reflecting on his life as he waits expectantly to follow those who have gone on before him.

    Comments: I cannot read this short without getting misty-eyed. As the title and summary imply, it is an ending, but never a sad one. Some of the memories visited are bittersweet, but I think, overall, it paints a happy, realistic ending for the bulk of the Inuyasha cast. The writing can only be described as magnificent in its dreamlike imagery. The author paints this story across the mind not in words but in colors. If a story can be breathtaking, this is.

    Picture Me by Midoriko-sama

    Rated: PG-13 for some profanity and violence

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Accidents are prone to happen in a difficult life. Disabilities are something a warrior cannot afford. But when the worst occurs, who will keep him from the despair of the blackness around him? (Author's original summary)

    Comments: Yet another story that left me astounded with its imagery. The story is beautiful. The main character is blind, but few stories I have read appear in my mind in such vivid pictures. The interpretation of Inuyasha's character is equally wonderful. As is the relationship the author develops between him and Shippou.

    And, I should probably note that I do not, as a general rule, enjoy stories where characters are maimed or otherwise suffer physical handicaps. Too often, I find such stories depressing, and the authors allow only a bittersweet resolution. Picture Me is neither depressing or bittersweet. The ending is completely uplifting, and I find myself coming back to it again and again.

    Under the Dog Star by Catwho

    Rated: PG-13 for mild profanity and some violence.

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: A retro-generation fic dealing with how Inuyasha's parents met. This is now AU based on movie three canon. First documented use of the name Inutaisho! (Author's original summary)

    Comments: This one should have been on my recommendation list ages ago. As much as I love the third Inuyasha movie and its brief glimpse at Inuyasha's parents, I wish Catwho's version was canon. Oh, how I wish it. I love her characterization of both parents, particularly Inuyasha's father. Fandom-wise, Catwho's tale, in my opinion, is much more true to what little information the canon has offered than ninety percent of the other retro-generation fics I've found. It's also a wonderfully fun read if you enjoy a prequel with a lot of little nods to later events in the storyline. There are ominous glimpses of the Shikon no Tama, hints as to Tessaiga's creation and the implications of a curse as the root of the tragic outcome of Inuyasha and Kikyou's relationship. There is one original character who might tread into Mary Sue territory for some, but Makoto's part is small and she does serve a useful purpose in the storyline. Personally, I liked her. Of course, all she had to do to earn my favor was to snap, "And stop talking in third person, baka," after Sesshoumaru.

    Sacrifice by Aryndiel

    Rating: PG-13 for violence and blood.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: The kazaana finally gets the better of Miroku, however, things don’t go exactly as expected. There is a sacrifice to be made. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: Pay no attention to the bleakness of the summary ;) This is a serious story and there is a serious sacrifice, but, all the same, this one gave me a warm fuzzy. Because you know the Inuyasha gang would never lose a friend without a fight.

    Warmth by Aryndiel

    Rating: G

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: Investigating a cold draft at night, Mrs. Higurashi muses on Inuyasha’s nature, and his presence in her daughter’s life. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: A sweet little story that reminded me why I love Mama Higurashi as a character.

    Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction

    All I Need is a Miracle by Vathara

    Rated: R for profanity, violence, and some innuendo

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Between life and death, there is a moment to choose: peace - or let the demon rise once more.... AU fix to Samurai X - Reflections, crossover with Gargoyles. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: It's like Kenshin crossed with Inuyasha! Okay, so, as an Inuyasha fan, that was my first thought in reading this story. The story does reference youkai and hanyou and seems to touch on a lot of concepts commonly found in Inuyasha fanfiction. The struggle between Kenshin and the Battousai is incredibly reminiscent of Inuyasha wrestling with his youkai side. As the Youkai Inuyasha arc was probably my favorite of all the Inuyasha plotlines, I find the parallel intriguing. That said, the story is not an Inuyasha crossover. However, it may still be off-putting to more purist RK fans. Personally, I found the RK characters well in-character and didn't feel like the series was compromised by either the new elements or the Gargoyles crossover (which is very mild and, mostly limited to the presence of Demona).

    Walk Through the Valley by Vathara

    Rated: PG-13 for some profanity and violence.

    Located: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete (though there is sequel potential)

    Summary: Times and technology may change. People don't. AU, Hiko POV. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: If I drooled over this as much as I would like to, I'd short out the keyboard. I have a particular penchant for sci-fi reinterpretations of very non sci-fi fandoms. This is probably the best I've ever read (well, Saro's Inuyasha AU "Synthetic Emotions" could compete if she had finished it). While it has abundant parallels to the Kenshin storyline so that it doesn't become an original story with fandom names, it's also unique enough to be interesting in its own right. Vathara has crafted a fascinating setting and backstory, and I dearly hope she someday writes a sequel that will show us some more of this world.

    Blades of Blood by Vathara

    Rated: PG-13 for profanity and violence.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: In a world where monsters roam city streets, a mildmannered New Yorker has just picked up a blade called Battousai... Modern AU, based off the NightLife RPG. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: Vathara + Rurouni Kenshin AU is proving to be a winning combination. This was actually written before "Valley", but I hadn't commented on it before. Which is sad because I've probably re-read it five times since my first reading. The touch of having Battousai actually be Kenshin's sword rather than Kenshin himself is particularly interesting.

    Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction

    To Walk a Common Road by FullMetal Edward

    Rating: G

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: Ed isn't as alone as he sometimes thinks he is. Any continuity. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: A couple details in the premise of this one strained its credibility a tiny bit for me, but the resolution is so heartwarming I can more than live with it.

    Eye of the Beholder by FullMetal Edward

    Rating: PG

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: A different take on a familiar plot. Roy Mustang and Co. think they've found out Edward's deep, dark, secret--that Edward Elric is, in fact, a girl. Only one problem--Ed's NOT a girl. Any continuity. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: No. No, he's not. And, he's going to make sure everyone knows it too. I laughed... a lot. Okay, and I might have spit on my monitor.

    Associations by Mikkeneko

    Rating: G

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: When Alphonse is restored, Mustang and Co. have the chance to really meet him for the first time. Any continuity. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: A sweet little ficlet written years ago that offers a different look on the series' end. No spoilers for any continuity, just the author's musings on what might be/have been. The final line just makes this one.

    Travelling Incognito by Roseveare

    Rating: PG-13 for profanity and the odd crude comment.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: An outsider's point of view on Ed and one of his escapades. Set after Ed became a State Alchemist but before the bulk of the series. "There's only one way I can think of, Al, to get inside that place... You'll have to sell me." Any continuity. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: This one is a really interesting piece. The story is a fairly basic adventure wherein Ed infiltrates the mines run by yet another corrupt official. What makes it special is seeing the story told through the eyes of an outsider and watching her thoughts and opinions on Ed slowly evolve. (And, I did say "her", but the character is as far removed from a Mary Sue as it is possible to be. She's not young, pretty or interested at all in dating Ed, for a start.) The early episodes of the series played with various characters' disbelief concerning Ed's abilities and status, but seeing everything completely from an outside viewpoint takes it a step further.

    Life's Equation by Iceasfire

    Rating: PG-13 for profanity and violence.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: Takes place one month after "Conqueror of Shamballa". As the two brothers are adjusting to their new life, a mysterious event occurs. They find themselves back home. They reunite with old friends, but more importantly they seek out how they got back... and who brought them. First animeverse. (Summary paraphrased from the author's original summary.)

    Comments: This was a fun adventure story with some neat twists and turns. It doesn't have a lot of alchemy action, but, it is partially set in the alternate universe/"our" universe where alchemy doesn't work. And, really, the end fight could have potentially been over pretty quick if Ed hadn't been given a handicap. Besides, I'll forgive a lot for the two separate Crowning Moments of Awesome given to Sciezka and Winry. Winry's especially is completely unexpected and completely perfect.

    Perfect After All by Jaya Mitai

    Rating: PG-13 for profanity and violence.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete - 18 Chapters

    Summary: Ed and Al begin their mission to find the uranium bomb on the other side of the Gate, and Mustang is left to clean up Al's mess. When the brothers succeed, and even make it back to Amestris, what have they really achieved? First animeverse. Spoilers through the "Conqueror of Shamballa" movie.

    Comments: This is the first of a short series that continues with two sequels, which I also highly recommend. The only way to describe this series is with a resounding WOW. Picking up after the movie, the author works to tie up a number of loose ends and set things to rights. And, unlike many fanfics I've found, the author really knows how to handle an action-based plotline. The series is a great mix of action, adventure and the various political manueverings. What's more, the alchemic battles are superb too. In fact, despite the obvious super-powered element, the author manages to make the alchemy used rather more scientific than the anime source material. And, despite how the title may make it sound, this is not one of those fix-it fanfics wherein things fall into place with ridiculous ease. No, Ed and Al will get their happy homecoming, but they're going to have to work for it.

    Seize Fire by Sage SK

    Rating: G

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: He didn't need to see to know the Truth. Mangaverse - contains spoilers for Chapter 102 of the manga. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: This is everything I wanted after chapter 102, but had to wait months to see in the manga. Of course, when Arakawa delivers, she delivers. But, Sage is pretty good at it too ;)

    Blood Ties by Jordanna Morgan

    Rating: PG-13

    Location: Fanfiction.net or her site Brotherly Love

    Status: Complete - 15 Chapters

    Summary: An old enemy plunges Ed into the dark secrets of his new world, linked to the alchemy he thought lost to him - while in Amestris, Al faces a dire choice. Will the nightmare Ed is drawn into provide the key to both their fates? First anime, alternative storyline to the "Conqueror of Shamballa" movie. (Author's original summary )

    Comments: As is probably obvious if you've read my previous FMA entries, I love stories that find some way to send Ed (or Ed and Al, if it's post-movie) home after the end of the first anime.  And, "Blood Ties" is one of the most unique takes on the idea I've ever read.  Rather than re-visiting the Thule Society villains of "Conqueror of Shamballa", it strikes out on a supernatural/horror bent.  And, it works beautifully.  The story deftly ties itself back to the themes and ideas of canon even as it draws Ed down into its dark, new world. A new world nonetheless filled with old faces. Because where "Conqueror" was a bit stingy with the alternate characters, "Blood Ties" makes sure to cover a host of familiar faces in new roles.  On the other side of the Gate, Al's trials are less action-packed, but possibly even more poignant. But, when all is said and done, loose ends are tied and a happy ending is finally realized... with just enough leeway for a possible sequel that isn't a requirement but would be welcomed all the same.

    The "crazy!Ed Verse" by Metisket

    Rating: R for extreme profanity, violence, and dark humor

    Location: Livejournal

    Status: Complete/Multi-part

    Summary: The so-called Demon Alchemist: heroic serial killer, murderer of murderers, hero of the people. And, Roy sent the kid to him. Maes Hughes isn't sure which worries him more, Edward Elric or the fact that his best friend is trying to save a kid beyond all saving. But, the government conspiracy headed up by inhuman monsters? He might can deal with that. Mangaverse AU.

    Comments: So, let's sum it up: Al is dead, Ed is insane, Mustang is guilt-ridden, Hughes is eight flavors of crazy awesome. And, every fifth sentence made me laugh out loud. It's a dark sort of humor, but the brilliant, witty writing makes it hilarious. And, mixed in with the tragedy and the humor, the character interactions are absolutely amazing. Hughes alone is amazing. He steals almost every scene he's given, and his particular brand of crazy here made me love the character even more than I already did. Which was quite a bit, for the record.

    The Inn of White Roses by Jordanna Morgan

    Rating: PG-13 for references to mature subject matter

    Location: Fanfiction.net or her site Brotherly Love

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: It's been a hard day, and all Ed wants is a place to crash for the night... Any continuity. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: Of course, Ed being Ed, things are never quite that simple. The thing I love about this story is that it's a perfect snapshot of Ed. Ed the incorrigible brat. Ed the "Hero of the People". Ed the master of chaos.

    Epsilon Run by Sister Coyote

    Rating: PG-13 for some violence and profanity

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete/Oneshot

    Summary: Colonel Mustang's team was set to enjoy some much-anticipated leave. And then, the Elric brothers ran into something nasty on Epsilon Five. Alternate Universe. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: If you've ever read my fanfic recs as I post to them to my Livejournal, it's probably obvious that I absolutely love sci-fi AU's. Especially when they entail taking series that are either very-not-sci-fi or very-much-in-the-past and reworking them into a futuristic, high tech world. At least, I love them when they're done right. And, this one does it right. It mirrors the canon in so many little details, but, at the same time, adds unique elements and twists. It dearly makes me wish there were more than just this stand-alone adventure, but what there is is a lot of fun.

    And, of course, there is no reason Fullmetal Alchemist needs to be sci-fi. I do love it as it is, and I love its setting. But, that someone could make it sci-fi and make it work? I'm impressed. And, I do just love Star Wars style space opera settings.

    Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist Fanfiction

    Fragile by Sage SK

    Rating: G - no warnings.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Post-anime, Rin helps Yukio adapt to his newfound strength. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: You know, there are always so many little details left unexplored when a series ends. This very nicely explores one of the biggest ones in the "Blue Exorcist" anime finale: how did Yukio cope with his revealed demon nature in the aftermath? Sage attempts to answer that with this little snapshot of the Okumura twins.

    Also, Sage has written a lot of pre-series shorts for Blue Exorcist, and they're all wonderful. Special recommendations to A Reading from the Book of Rin and Keep Awake. But, click on her name up there and go read them all.

    Trial and Error by Nightsmoke

    Rating: PG for some profanity.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Rin's thoughts and woes on tail binding during his first weeks at True Cross Academy. Mephisto provides some useful tips. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: A little bit of hilarity at Rin's expense as he struggles to deal with his new appendage. What really sells this one is the witty narration: "Yukio was going to kill him. Silently. With his eyes." And, well, Mephisto being Mephisto.

    Angel in Disguise by TeahTheFoxLover

    Rating: PG for some profanity

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Yukio remembers a story from Father Fujimoto. Shura wants to hear, because Shiro's theories always had some crazy sense to them. Once upon a time, Satan wasn't a demon. And maybe Rin wasn't one as well. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I've always wanted to see the "Blue Exorcist" canon address the fact that Satan began as an angel. That's probably never going to happen the way the series tends to mix and match religions and treat all supernatural beings as demons. So, there's this fanfic. It offers just enough lovely little thoughts to get you thinking.

    Why Rin Shouldn't Summon by TeahTheFoxLover

    Rating: K+/PG

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Okay, who thought the son of Satan should be allowed near those summoning circles? Oh boy, here comes trouble. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: You know, I always wondered why Rin isn't shown even trying to summon during class. Maybe he knew better. Maybe Neuhaus knew better and gave him a disabled summoning circle. But, it's fun to wonder what might been.

    Bleach Fanfiction

    Dusk Crept Through the Greenwood by Aino-kaachan

    Series: Bleach

    Rating: R mostly for language and the implications in one rather disturbing scene.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: A chance chase after a lost soul leads Ichigo and Rukia beyond the woods we know. They come to face an ancient spirit in its dark realm to rescue the soul, as well as each other. Set between manga ch. 228 and 229. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I fear she may have given up on Inuyasha fanfiction forever, but, when I found this, I knew she certainly hadn't lost her touch. This little adventure for Ichigo and Rukia is very much in the style of the earlier episodes of the series. I love where Bleach goes with the Soul Society arc, but what initially attracted me to the series was the "Real Ghostbusters"-like feel of the first several episodes, and Aino-kaachan captures it wonderfully. Probably the most fascinating aspect of the storyline is how the author blends the Bleach mythos with that of her own native country. I have always wondered if Bleach intended for the Shinigami and Soul Society to be universal or if they only dealt with the dead from their own country. Aino-kaachan offers a fascinating theory.

    Six Feet and Slipping by Goldberry

    Series: Bleach

    Rating: G - no warnings.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Ichigo's dying and everything is wonderful. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I think the summary covers it all. I mean, if you're familiar at all with Bleach... just think about it! Further proof that I really don't mind character death as much as I claim to. I just mind favorite characters going away and leaving me to read chapter after chapter without them ;)

    Project Tatterdemalion by Vathara

    Rating: R for considerable violence and some profanity

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Status: Complete - 3 Parts

    Summary: What if Hollows were caused by an alien virus? (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I meant to recommend this one ages ago. Because... well, I love sci-fi AU's. And, no one does them like Vathara. It was amazing enough when she took Rurouni Kenshin and re-wrote it in a sci-fi setting. But, now Bleach too?! And, it all fits so very perfectly! This is a fascinating, action-packed "what if?" that made for a great read. And, there's an equally good sequel, Project Asclepius with further follow-ups in the oneshot Project Thoughts. With any luck, there will be even more in the future because there are still so many places this alternate universe could go.

    Assorted Fanfiction

    Until the Horizon by Snickerer

    Series: Pirates of the Caribbean (written prior to the sequel's release)

    Rating: PG for brief violence.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: Some people just aren't cut out to be quiet dead. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I have decided that I'm a very strange person. I don't like character death, yet a surprising number of fanfics featuring just that appear in my favorites list. I suppose perhaps I should ammend my statement to: I don't like the permament removal of my favorite characters from the storyline. So long as they stick around in some form and the author keeps the angst at a minimum, it's all good.

    That said, this story is excellent. The author did a wonderful job of capturing just enough of the original movie's creepiness as well as its humor. And, Jack and Norrington are handled excellently. I even rather liked Norrington in this fic, which is saying something since I grudgingly labelled him "okay" after the first movie. (And, after the second? Well, he was on probation until the third movie whereupon he did get himself back in my good graces, but... well....)

    The Legend of Drunken Matrimony by S. Sakurai

    Series: One Piece

    Rating: PG-13 for profanity and mild innuendo.

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: The island of Rakuen may not be crawling with thugs and despots, but it still boasts an insidious danger to the Straw-Hat Pirates. After a night of inhibition-free revelry, have the cook and the thief turned into the wife and her lover? (Author's original summary)

    Comments: Yeah, it sounds like the setup for any number of the semi-serious romantic dramas out there. But, it's not semi-serious, romantic or drama. It's One Piece. Everyone is in character, and the wackiness that makes One Piece so awesome is going in full swing.

    We'll Be Counting Stars by Amulet Misty

    Series: World Trigger

    Rating: G

    Location: Fanfiction.net

    Summary: It's the night before Yuma and Chika's official Enlistment, and Osamu finds himself unable to sleep. Worrying that they may not make it, his friends are there to reassure him that anything is possible. [Mikumo Squad friendship fic.] Mangaverse. (Author's original summary)

    Comments: I recently started the "World Trigger" anime and, frustrated with the slow pace and terrible animation, went off to try the manga. It's excellent. I burned through what chapters were available in a single evening. Then, when I ran out of manga, I went to find some fanfiction. Sadly, there's very little fanfiction to be found, but there is this little gem. It's one of those note-perfect little scenes that feels like a moment of canon I somehow missed. Best of all, the trio's comraderie is genuine and heartwarming. There need to be more friendship fics like this.

    I have more recommendations here on my Livejournal, which sees more regular updates too.

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