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  • Scenic Locales of MegaKat City

    Given the number of times I've had to refer back to this or that episode to determine the location, layout, or look of a particular place on SWAT Kats I thought others might have the same problem. So, here's a reference for all you fanfiction writers, fan artists, and/or curious Katsfans who forgot/wanted to know the layout of the yard, the hangar, and anywhere else I happen to grab. For the moment, I mainly have the yard, the hangar, and Megalith City. Hopefully, I'll have my screengrab equipment working again soon (and some time) and I can get more.
    My apologies for some graininess. The only videos I had with me at college, where I had the equipment to make screengrabs, were copies, and, thus, suffered from a loss of quality. Add in that some were copied from an originally lousy recording off TBS back in 1994.... Well, you get the picture.

    The Yard/Garage

    garage2.jpg - An overhead shot of the garage from Katastrophe. You can just barely see the umbrella and lounge chair on the roof.

    grgsunset.jpg - A nice view of the garage sitting in the yard with the sun setting behind. Seems to contradict the above image a bit though. The Giant Bacteria

    yardsign.jpg - The infamous shot of the Yard's sign reading "MegaCat City Salvage Yard" (this despite other signs seen in the series which read "MegaKat"). Though you can hardly read it. Sorry... The Giant Bacteria

    landing.jpg - The TurboKat's exit from the tunnel. The Giant Bacteria

    jetland1.jpg - The TurboKat coming to a stop at the end of the tunnel. The Giant Bacteria

    platform.jpg - The TurboKat on its lift platform. The Giant Bacteria

    landging2.jpg - The TurboKat coming to rest in the main hangar. The opening in the rear is where the parachute came out. ::wonders how the Boys stuff that back in:: The Giant Bacteria

    hangar1.jpg - A shot of the TurboKat in the hangar. The Giant Bacteria

    hangar2.jpg - T-Bone and Razor removing their helmets in front of.... what appears to be a map - it can be seen in multiple hangar shots. Incidentally, it mysteriously appears upstairs in The Metallikats. It's behind Chance during the sequence where Jake is trying to show him the paper. The Giant Bacteria

    screen.jpg - Different angle on the corner with the lockers and... is that the map again? Only now, it's clearly a giant TV/computer screen, showing Volcanus attacking the city. Volcanus Erupts

    openlckr.jpg - The SWAT Kats' lockers - interior shot. The Giant Bacteria

    wall.jpg - The SWAT Kats' "Wall of Fame" (or whatever you wish to call it). Their record of "kills." The Giant Bacteria

    ladder.jpg - The ladder leading from the hangar. The Giant Bacteria

    Other Places Around the City

    hqstairs.jpg - The front of Enforcer HQ... with Callie's car parked in the street. Katastrophe

    feralapt.jpg - The interior of Feral's apartment... complete with Feral! Enter the Mad Kat

    lb_set.jpg - The set of the David Litterbin show. Enter the Mad Kat

    Megalith City

    castle.jpg - Megalith Castle - the wide shot that shows its surroundings... and the one that convinces me that it is only near MegaKat City. Barring a massive earthquake, geologic time is a bit too slow for that huge cliff to have disappeared in even 800 years. And, did you ever see any huge cliffs in the heart of MegaKat City? Bride of the PastMaster

    castlecl.jpg - Megalith Castle again - a closer shot. Bride of the PastMaster

    castlecl2.jpg - Megalith Castle - close and a bit lower - taken from a panning shot. Bride of the PastMaster

    pm_tower.jpg - The PastMaster's tower... or rather it's creepy front door. Bride of the PastMaster

    towertop.jpg - The upper half of the PastMaster's tower. It was a panning shot again, okay? Bride of the PastMaster

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