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    Here are some of my favorite lines from SWAT Kats in short mp3 clips. These are a holdover from years and years ago when sound and video clips of the show were hard to find, but I'm keeping them for old times' sake.


    Razor -T-Bone! If you drown, I'm gonna kill you! --Mutation City



    Razor - Locked.... HE-YAAAHH!! .... unlocked. --Mutation City



    T-Bone - What're you lookin' at, Ugly? -- Mutation City



    Commander Feral - The Enforcers will handle this!
    Felina - Enforcers?! What does he think I am?! Kitty litter?! -- Mutation City



    Razor - Whoa! Excuse me, "helped"?! Did the big guy say "helped"?! -- Night of the Dark Kat



    Commander Feral - What do you think I am? Stupid?!
    SWAT Kats - Bingo. -- Night of the Dark Kat



    Razor - (referring to his Banshee Missiles) But, you gotta admit... They sound cool. -- Chaos in Crystal



    Generic Enforcer - (to the giant mummy) Warning! You're under arrest! Drop the bus! -- The Deadly Pyramid



    Queen Callista - Seeing you with the sword has given me hope. For the first time in a long time I feel I can rest easier. Good night, Sir Razor.
    Razor - Good night, my Queen.
    T-Bone - (mockingly) - Good night, my Queen. C'mere, buddy. I got a hot forge I'd like you to meet.
        --Bride of the PastMaster

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