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  • Welcome to the webpage of a SWAT Kat-lovin' "perfectly paranoid perfectionist!" I'm Kristen Sharpe and I'll be your host for this little jaunt through my webpage. Have fun!

    Last Updated: April 30, 2023
    I... eh heh, forgot to take the Christmas decorations down. Also, I added a couple new fics to the Non-SK Fanfic Page
    Reminder that my email has changed. From now on, please contact me here!

    Previous Updates: November 5 and December 3, 2022

    A mini-update to decorate for Christmas. Also, the gallery of past Christmas art is once again available on the main fanart page. Also, there is a new fanfic.

    Random Awesomeness:

  • The SWAT Kats reboot may be happening!
  • Betaruga's fantastic comic version of mine and Sage's SWAT Kat fanfic "They That Walk in Darkness" can be found here on Tumblr.
  • Also, be sure to visit the SWAT Kat forum at Megakat City.
  • For the latest on what I'm up to and the odd sneak preview of art or fanfiction, visit my Livejournal, which I've now embedded under the What's New? page.

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