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  • Welcome to the webpage of a SWAT Kat-lovin' "perfectly paranoid perfectionist!" I'm Kristen Sharpe and I'll be your host for this little jaunt through my webpage. Have fun!

    Last updated: May 26, 2017
    I have one new drabble up on the Fanfic Page. Also, some more squeeing to complement my last post:

    Previous update: April 5, 2017

    So, there's a lot going on in the SK fandom lately. Like the awesome livestream with the Tremblay brothers and Lance Falk the other week, which you can learn about at The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia and on the SWAT Kats Revolution Kickstarter Page. In conjunction with that, the ever-amazing MoDaD pointed me toward the below video.

    I...! That's...! There are no words. Some tea kettle squealing, but no words. Except a huge THANK YOU to the Tremblays and Charlie Adler and the MoDaD!

    And, Betaruga's fantastic comic version of mine and Sage's SWAT Kat fanfic "They That Walk in Darkness" is complete! You can find the final page here. The collected awesomeness is here on Tumblr.

    And, don't forget! The SWAT Kat DVD set is once more available from the WB Store. Also, be sure to visit the new SWAT Kat forum at Megakat City.

    For the latest on what I'm up to and the odd sneak preview of art or fanfiction, visit my Livejournal, which I've now embedded under the What's New? page.


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